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Update: July, 09/2020 - 15:12

Thanks to country’s robust economic growth in the past several years, Viet Nam is quickly becoming Asia’s latest property hotspot for foreign investors. Viet Nam’s real estate continues to attract foreign investors, most notably nationals from Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and mainland China. The Marq Roadshow - the exclusive 2-day event featured six sessions held by Asia Bankers Club (ABC - a premium investment club for banking and finance executives, business owners, and their private guests) on 27, 28 June 2020 at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong to introduce The Marq, a new luxury condominium situated in the heart of District 1 in Viet Nam’s HCM City developed by Hongkong Land and An Khang – lured an impressive number of Hong Kong investors and brought dozens of actual sales.

Favor of the Hong Kong investors toward properties in Viet Nam 

Hong Kong investors are known to have strong appetite for real estate investment. “We are glad that the pandemic did not kill the mood for investors and they remain optimistic about the real estate market. The outstanding performance of Viet Nam in containing COVID-19 has shown investors the determination of Viet Nam to be a nation of strong will with unstoppable growth. Compared to other regional markets like Hong Kong or Singapore, high-end residential properties in Viet Nam come at a lower price, while the profitability of leasing is at an attractive level, creating advantages for high-end residential projects in the heart of HCM City. Locations that are within the city centre with easy reach to business and shopping destinations, outstanding suite of facilities within the developments and reputation of the developers are important factors for Hong Kong investors,” said Mr. Kingston Lai, Founder & CEO of Asia Bankers Club.


Locations that are within the city centre with easy reach to business and shopping destinations, outstanding suite of facilities within the developments and reputation of the developers are important factors for Hong Kong investors

Talking about difference between HCM City’s CBD property and other big cities in the region, Lai added: “Becoming a global city soon, HCM City is determined to develop a regional economy that can turn into a growth leader for Viet Nam and Southeast Asia. But compared to other property hotspots in Asia such as Singapore or Thailand, home prices in Viet Nam are considered very reasonable, especially in central HCM City.”


Hong Kong investors were excited about The Marq project

Furthermore, property prices are expected to rise in the future as the country scales up its development. According to CBRE, District 1 in downtown HCM City recorded the highest real estate listing prices in Q3/2019 due to limited supply, while the strong increase in the number of UHNWI in Viet Nam has made the demand for high-end living spaces in the CBD ​​increase. Most high-end apartment projects in central HCM City currently receive a rental yield of 6-8% which is 1.5-2.5 % higher than those in Bangkok or Singapore.

All these factors make Viet Nam in general and HCM City in particular appealing to foreign buyers who view real estate as a long-term investment, whether as a primary residence or for rental.

Why TheMarq?

For Hong Kong savvy investors, The Marq is a great combination of a desirable location, luxurious interiors and reputation of regional and local developers. In terms of The Marq’s location – one of important factors that create timeless values to the project - Lai said: “As HCM City’s CBD always shows a magnetic attraction to both successful Vietnamese elite and foreigners, especially Hong Kong investors. Luxury developments in CBD are always magnets to savvy investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio. Investment into such developments in other major Asia cities has proven to be effective in both leasing prospect and capital gain. The lower entry cost of HCM City’s property compared to cities like Singapore and Hong Kong creates an advantage for The Marq.”


The Marq project is next to Lim 3 Tower – premium office building with Grade A standard

Besides timeless value of prime CBD location, The Marq lures investors with its sophisticated design that fuses modern architecture with natural elements. Without a doubt, Hongkong Land’s reputation with premium quality and excellent finishing of development across different cities gives great confidence to investors.

“With Hong Kong investors' growing interest in prime Viet Nam real estate development, The Marq is expected to be one of the highlights of the post-pandemic overseas property investment market. We are very glad that investors see high-end residential developments like The Marq as a rare opportunity that cannot be missed amid economic downturn in some countries. The buying signal among investors was very strong from the beginning once the partnership was announced. The growth story of Viet Nam is surely as exciting as ever to the investors and also our team,” Lai continued.


Live District 1. Live TheMarq

To celebrate the previous topping out ceremony on 22 May 2020, the developers Hongkong Land and An Khang have released the new attractive sales policy programme applied for all The Marq units deposited from 25 May 2020 to 24 August 2020.

Developed by Hongkong Land and An Khang, The Marq is a luxury residential high-rise building, located in the heart of District 1, HCM City, Viet Nam. This development will provide 515 opulent residences comprising one- to four-bedroom condominiums offering stunning views of HCM City and a true luxury lifestyle for discerning investors. 

For more information, please visit or call 0978 488 988 or contact our official agencies including: Asia Bankers Club, Dong Tay Investment, Savills, CBRE, Rever, G9, Seareal Dong Nam, SouthernLand Vietnam and GiaPhat Investment.

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