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YOLA proudly presents its Hybrid English Teaching model, committed to support the Vietnamese young generation to unleash its potential

Update: June, 11/2020 - 13:09

The social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic has helped to change the way teachers and students teach and learn, moving from offline to online. Quang Nhật, a 12-year-old student of YOLA’s Online Teen programme, prepared himself in front of his home computer to join the classes. In his first session, Quang Nhat and his friends participated in an ice breaking game by drawing their favourite cartoon characters on the virtual “blackboard” and laughed at their drawings. After that, they moved onto their lesson, which is uploaded on to student computer screens and their own virtual, personal blackboards. His classes were delivered smoothly with clear focus and without any disturbance.

Moreover, learning English on the YOLA Smart Learning platform, students are given full interactive ability to “raise hands” to talk about their ideas, discuss them in group settings, and to present in front of the class and earn trophies when finishing their assignments. Homework is available after class on the YOLA edX platform with a library of vocabularies, quizzes and games that help Quang Nhat and his parents to follow his learning progress daily. If he at any time struggles during his lessons, YOLA Hybrid provides a focused and targeted tutoring service where tutors are available to help him finish any study tasks or homework. All he needs to do is book an appointment with them.

Quang Nhật, a 12-year-old student of YOLA’s Online Teen programme, prepared himself in front of his home computer to join the classes

At present, schools across Viet Nam have been allowed to open again. Quang Nhat as well as other students have returned to their usual living and learning habits. However, there are still concerns surrounding a second COVID-19 wave with the safety of traditional classes being questioned. Therefore, what is an ideal outcome that includes the best of both online and offline classrooms? What teaching model can cater to flexible learning needs during a “new normal”?

In June 2020, YOLA officially launched its Hybrid teaching model providing an all-round academic English learning experience. Utilising its 10-year-experience in teaching English in traditional classes with its superior online platform, the YOLA Hybrid teaching model provides flexibility in learning, financial commitment from parents and personalisation for student learning ability to achieve the best academic results possible. Students at all ages are allowed to choose their own YOLA Hybrid package that fits their needs, such as a 100% offline traditional class to 100% online class with YOLA Smart Learning or even combining both online and offline options. In addition to these packages, other benefits such as unlimited access to online clubs for skills courses and personal development, extra classes for Speaking and Writing, tutoring classes for homework discussion and at home help for parents to keep track of their children's learning progress. Especially with YOLA’s IELTS program, students can choose to upgrade their learning package to receive other benefits.


YOLA Hybrid English Teaching model

Ms. Ngo Thuy Ngoc Tu, Forbes 30 under 30 alumni in 2015, an Asia-Pacific Leader of the Obama Foundation and YOLA’s Chairwoman of the Board, shared YOLA’s story: “Founded in 2009 and over the past 10 years, we are proud to become the trusted education partner of parents and students to improve their English language, soft skills and critical thinking to achieve their goals in exams or study abroad. YOLA’s vision in 2025 is to reach more than 2,000,000 people through education activities and be the companion of 500,000 students in their journey of improving their English language skills, providing opportunities for them to experience learning at an international and world standard. YOLA’s teaching method motivates and inspires, built by our experienced teachers with the commitment to the highest teaching qualities, YOLA provides students the power to maximise their potential, creating impact and positive changes for Viet Nam and the world. With our experience and commitment to education quality and customer satisfaction for both traditional and YOLA Smart Learning platforms, we believe that the birth of YOLA’s Hybrid teaching model – a combination of both our traditional teaching methods and utilising our superior online platform and teaching method will help us to achieve our vision.”

YOLA Brand Campaign 2020 - Empowering You

Along with the launch of the Hybrid English Teaching model, YOLA is committing 1,000 Full “Empowering You” Scholarships, with a value of more than VND15 billion to students with exceptional academic results. Additionally, YOLA has launched its financial assistance package to support the parents. YOLA believes that we can help students to unleash their potential and achieve their future dreams. For more information about YOLA’s Hybrid teaching model or our financial assistance packages for parents, please contact YOLA’s hotline (028) 6285 8080 or visit us at

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