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Update: October, 31/2019 - 10:00

On the October 25, hundreds of students of Tieu Can District in Tra Vinh were given scholarships and taught self-defence in the programme named 'Giving knowledge - Training skills'. This programme was organised by FE CREDIT with execution partner Saigon Children to help poor students have a chance to go to school and equip them with necessary skills.

The programme is held in Tieu Can District, Tra Vinh Province, where more than 10,000 footwear workers lost their jobs before Tet 2019, putting many families in the area in such a difficult situation that they are unable to afford their children’s school fees. There were 102 beneficiaries who were underprivileged primary and secondary school students whose family’s financial situation is classified as poor or near-poor, their family’s ability to earn is limited and the students have limited or no support in continuing their study.

By taking a holistic approach, every major aspect of a child’s well-being is addressed, so that not only financial assistance but also personal development is offered. The scholarship package also includes visiting each student frequently to encourage and support them, holding regular soft-skill training and fun activities for students’ personal development, and collecting student’s study reports.

Loc, one of the students who received scholarships from FE CREDIT partner with Saigon Children for the last two years shared: “If I didn’t go to school anymore, I would be very sad because I would feel purposeless. I think going to school is a very important thing because it will help me get a stable job and make money for my family...”. Loc is an excellent student, with a love for chemistry who wants to be an agricultural engineer in future and the support from FE CREDIT empowers Loc to make dreams come true.

Apart from scholarships that were given in this event, more than 200 children were also taught self-defence. The training was to prepare vital skills for these kids to protect themselves in certain situations.

According to UNICEF Vietnam, 68.4 per cent of Vietnamese children under 18 years old have experienced physical or sexual violence at least once. Children fall victim to violent and abusive behaviour every year. FE CREDIT felt the need to provide students with self-defence skill, so they could protect themselves better. This class also aimed to sharpen children’s perception of risk and strengthen their belief in their own ability to defend themselves successfully against any violence or sexual assault.

FE CREDIT and Saigonchildren hope to expand both the scholarships and self-defence lessons around the country to equip more children with necessary skills so they can lead brighter, better lives.



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About Saigon Children

Saigon Children’s Charity CIO was founded in 1992 to help remove barriers to education by giving disadvantaged children an education and a fair start in life. Saigon Children takes simple, practical steps to ensure the children most in need get an education by building schools and providing scholarships, as well as targeted extra help, vocational training, and special education.

Child Development Scholarship Programme (CDSP) is one of Saigon Children’s major programmes aiding disadvantaged children with both scholarships and personal development. More than 41,000 annual scholarships have been given to children since 1992. The children are supported not only financially, but also with school, food supplies, recreational activities, personal counseling, health and nutritional aid.

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