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Skypec 2019 - Year Of Renovation And Development

Update: September, 23/2019 - 08:33

Established in 1993, Vietnam Air Petrol Company Limited (SKYPEC) has spent 26 years as the market leader in the aviation fuel industry, gaining a notable reputation among airlines for a quality refueling service, competitive prices, alongside every effort to meet the demands of customers.

To date, Skypec has been the sole supplier to all domestic airlines and more than 80 foreign airlines across 18 civil airports throughout Vietnam. We are also the only fuel enterprise to provide refueling services for VVIP Flights serving Vietnamese party and state leaders, as well as those of foreign government leaders during their visits to Vietnam.

Skypec staff refuelling a Vietnam Airlines flight.

With a storage capacity of more than 210,000cu.m, Skypec has the potential to serve up to 220,000 flights per year with an annual volume of fuel at approximately 2 million tons, in addition to a consistent annual growth rate. As the leading aviation fuel company nationwide, we confidently hold the most customers and rank first for fuel supply output in the industry.

Our slogan, “Skypec – A brand of trust”, is a commitment to the quality of products and services to each of our customers. As a result, Skypec is constantly striving to improve services and ensure the quality of Jet A-1 provided to our clients. We have renewed our quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001-2015, which is certified by QMS. This quality management system is applied across the whole supply chain of Skypec in order to ensure the quality of Jet A-1 as well as the quality of our into-plane service.

With more than 40 years of experience operating in the industry, SKYPEC always aims to provide services in an effective, safe, and timely manner. The company has continuously upgraded the supply chain by renewing fuelling trucks and storage facilities, increasing tankage capacity, and establishing control centres. In the 2018 to 2020 period, our company has provided 24 new fuelling trucks to airports and invested in building new fuel depots for the airports in Lien Khuong (DLI), Cam Ranh (CRX), Phu Quoc (PQC), Van Don (VDO), Tho Xuan (THD), Buon Me Thuot (BMV), Phu Bai (HUI), Chu Lai (VCL), and Vinh (VII).

Skypec’s wide terminal networks always ensure fuel sources and storage.

Skypec General Director Nguyen Manh Tuan has stated that, “Our strategy is to become a leading aviation fuel supplier, meeting current trends of international integration and making great efforts to strengthen our network. Skypec intends to invest in infrastructure and equipment, improve the quality of our human resources training, while regularly updating legal regulations in line with the aviation industry, with a clear focus on the jet fuel market in particular, in addition to expanding our markets in Vietnam and Asia.”

In order to keep up with the current trend of Industry 4.0, as well as the rapid changes in terms of aviation technology, our company has been quick to adapt to information technology and new scientific achievements in management and operation. An example of this can be seen in the use of GPS and camera smart control systems and automated Jet A-1 fuel tank measuring and warning systems. The company will continue to focus on training and retraining staff in order for them to have the ability to use the latest technology and be more professional.

With a long history of undertaking several major changes, Skypec firmly remains the number one aviation fuel supplier in Vietnam. We take the commitments we have made to our customers very seriously, and strive to strengthen co-operation for mutual benefits and sustainable development towards building Skypec into ‘A brand of trust’.


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