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VN to have American-standard cardiovascular treatment model for the first time

Update: July, 24/2019 - 14:51

Beginning this month, Vinmec Central Park International Hospital in HCM City has applied a comprehensive cardiovascular treatment model, which enables early diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment. This model improves treatment efficiency and reduces length of hospital stay and costs. It has also been implemented in the US’s leading cardiovascular centres and many other developed countries.

Vinmec Central Park International Hospital’s Hybrid operating-room

A comprehensive treatment package is one of the activities to facilitate the patient-centred care model at Vinmec International Hospital. Instead of having only one primary physician or a specialist for treating patients as usual, doctors from many specialties and nurses work together, implementing comprehensive treatment according to a standard regimen throughout the time the patient is in the hospital.

With the comprehensive cardiovascular treatment model, Vinmec Central Park Hospital uses a multi-speciality group of doctors (cardiologist, interventional cardiologist, cardiothoracic surgeon, anesthesiologist, cardiac intensivist, radiologist, laboratory professional, nutritionist, etc., depending on each disease) in joint consultation for early, accurate diagnosis. Patients at Vinmec will then be treated with a standard treatment plan, with high efficiency, short recovery time and reasonable costs. When patients have access to the optimal treatment regimen, they can avoid trying different treatments, which are costly and time-consuming.

The cardiovascular treatment package is utilised with one in four techniques: percutaneous aortic valve replacement (TAVI), percutaneous coronary intervention, coronary artery bypass grafting and ventricular septal defect surgery. When one of these four treatment methods is indicated, the hospital will consult and help the patient sign a contract for the treatment package. The advantage of this model is that patients have comprehensive treatment and care in accordance with the standards of prestigious cardiovascular associations. The contract also specifies treatment methods, length of stay, number of follow-up examinations and fixed costs.

“These four cardiovascular interventions and surgeries are all complex techniques, which are categorised as high cost cardiovascular procedures. This service line model not only brings outstanding advantages to patients, but also many benefits to hospitals, by standardising treatment regimens, improving treatment effectiveness, and optimising resources. That is the reason why the model has been used in the US’s leading cardiovascular centres such as Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Pennsylvania and been expanding to many other developed countries," said Lê Quốc Sử, M.D, Ph.D, CEO of Vinmec Central Park Hospital.

After utilising the model in these four techniques, Vinmec will continue to research and replicate this model to other  high-cost cardiovascular techniques as well as complex diseases of other specialties.

Since its establishment, Vinmec Central Park has focused on cardiology as a spearhead with modern equipment and well-trained human resources. Having mastered many of the most advanced cardiovascular treatment techniques in the world, Vinmec Central Park’s Heart Centre has been successful in more than 98 per cent of TAVI cases, open heart surgery, open heart surgery using ESP block, even with severe, elderly patients.

This success is the foundation for Vinmec Central Park to reach its goal of becoming the leading cardiovascular centre in the region, providing patients in Việt Nam with effective treatment at reasonable costs so people do not have to go abroad for medical treatment.

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