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LOTTE Finance launches credit cards with annual fee cashback for life

Update: April, 25/2019 - 10:00

On April 24, LOTTE Finance Vietnam Co. Ltd (LOTTE Finance) launched LOTTE FINANCE credit card products with benefits such as annual fee cashback for life and discounts and bonus points at LOTTE Group's service system including food chain, coffee shops and cinemas. The credit card launch marks an important milestone in positioning LOTTE Finance’s premium brand in Viet Nam’s market, while demonstrating the company's commitment and efforts in its journey to become a trusted and beloved financial partner by Vietnamese people.


The credit cards launched are LOTTE FINANCE VISA and LOTTE FINANCE VISA Platinum. As a financial company under the Republic of Korea’s LOTTE Group, LOTTE Finance provides various benefits to its credit card customers through attractive incentive schemes. While enjoying services of LOTTE Group’s affiliates, customers will receive benefits such as 10 per cent discount and 1 per cent L.Point bonus for bills in Lotteria and Angel-In-Us, a fast food chain and coffee shop under LOTTE, 3-12 per cent cinema point bonus and 1 per cent L.Point bonus for transactions at Lotte Cinema, 30 per cent discount for tickets of LOTTE Center Hanoi Observation Deck, 0.2 per cent L.Point bonus in Lotte.vn and 1 per cent in LOTTE Department Store.

Furthermore, LOTTE FINANCE VISA and LOTTE FINANCE VISA Platinum are perfect choices for overseas travels, especially to the Republic of Korea (RoK). Card holders will be awarded up to 3 per cent bonus points for all transactions at LOTTE in Korea and from 0.7-1 per cent bonus point for all transactions at any other foreign country. Owning a LOTTE FINANCE VISA Platinum with a credit limit over 100 million VND and transaction within three most recent months, the card holder will be exempt from financial proof when applying for a RoK tourist visa and offered free travel insurance worldwide with benefits of up to 10.5 billion VND.

Kim Jong Geuk, General Director of LOTTE Finance

Kim Jong Geuk, LOTTE Finance's General Director said:

“Our ultimate goal is to become a trusted and beloved financial partner of Vietnamese people. To achieve that goal, we have been continuously challenging ourselves to bring better financial services and solutions which well-align with Vietnamese people lifestyle. The launch of our credit card plays an important role in positioning our premium LOTTE Finance brand in the market, at the same time demonstrating the company's commitment and efforts for our customers’ wealth and values.

“LOTTE FINANCE credit card is developed based on international standard advanced technologies and will provide our customers with safety and convenience. I believe that it will also be very helpful in promoting the non-cash payment system in particular, and the development of consumer finance market in general,” he added.

Beside superior features, LOTTE Finance credit cards are extremely secure thanks to the use of the latest chip technology by VISA standards. In addition, with contactless payment technology, LOTTE Finance credit cards allow customers to perform transaction without swiping. The payment therefore is very simple, convenient and secure. LOTTE Finance uses contactless technology in both LOTTE FINANCE VISA and LOTTE FINANCE VISA Platinum to offer the best benefits and greatest experiences to all of its credit card customers. To date, LOTTE FINANCE credit card is one of a few products on the market that possess this superior feature.

LOTTE Finance has operated in Viet Nam since December 2018 with unsecured consumer loans the first product launched. Since then, LOTTE Finance has been expanding and improving its performance, moving forwards to the goal of becoming one of the leading financial service providers in Viet Nam. In the next stages, LOTTE Finance will continue affirming the brand reputation by bringing about safe, friendly and convenient financial services and solutions to help its customers make their dreams come true, and enhance their life quality.

At the launch of credit card products, LOTTE Finance is offering a promotion programme with thousands of gifts of Lotteria and Mobile Gift vouchers for all customers who apply for LOTTE FINANCE credit cards from April 24 until May 31 and activate the card before June 10. The expected number of gifts is 2,500. For more information, please refer access the LOTTE Finance website at https://www.lottefinance.vn/web or reach us via Hotline 1900 6866.



Founded in 1948, LOTTE is one of the largest global groups in Korea and is engaged in a variety of businesses including distribution, hotel, tourism, F&B, construction, chemistry and finance.

LotteCard is a credit card company based on Lotte Group's largest distribution and service network in Korea. LotteCard covers Lotte Group's entire network and infrastructure, from department stores, marts, on-line shopping to movie theaters and coffee shops. LOTTECard has become South Korea’s top provider of credit finance services that combines services with FinTech. In addition, considering the diverse lifestyles of our customers, LotteCard is dedicated to developing competitive services that can only be provided by LotteCard. LotteCard aims to become company that is always loved by its customers as a partner through useful and convenient benefits and services.

2017 marked the expansion of Lotte Group investment and break into Finance sector in Vietnam when LOTTECARD signed Share Purchase Agreement acquiring a 100% stake from the subsidiary from one of Vietnam's major banks. The company business license under the name of Lotte Finance Vietnam Co., ltd (Lotte Finance) was approved by State Bank of Vietnam in September 2018, listing Lotte Card as the first Korean credit card company licensed to operate in Vietnam.

LOTTE Finance full-fledged financial services in Vietnam based on Korea’s advanced financial services and credit management technology, FINTECH and Big Data. Our ultimate goal is to become the leading financial services company in Vietnam, developing lifestyle financial services that maximize customer value and the consumer friendly infrastructure of LOTTE.



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