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Vinpearl Becomes A Pioneer Applying Face Recognition Technology In Tourism And Hotel Industry In Vietnam

Update: April, 17/2019 - 10:25

Vinpearl on April 15th officially became the first resort, hotel and entertainment system in Vietnam to apply facial recognition technology based on artificial intelligence (AI). The technology has been applied to help customers have new experiences such as opening the door automatically, checking in within 3 seconds or paying for services, all with a simple smile.

In the first phase, the application of facial recognition has been implemented at Vinpearl Nha Trang and features check-in and check-out options at Vinpearl Land entertainment areas and restaurants. This technology identifies and authenticates customers' identities accurately and quickly through observation devices without other control procedures.

The technology at Vinpearl possesses 5 pre-eminent advantages: SPEED - identification within one second, large data processing system with MILLIONS of faces, DYNAMIC security warnings in real time, PRECISION - almost 100 per cent and CONFIDENTIAL customer information at the highest level.

With the combination of Vinpearl’s 5-star services and the new technology, visitors will enjoy three unprecedented experiences: check-in for the whole family at the same time, passing through automatic gates and using personal privileges with the highest privacy. The features of this technology help visitors minimise the waiting time for procedures and the process of moving between Vinpearl's internal areas. In particular, when using privileged services in buffet restaurants and private games areas ... visitors do not need to bring their room cards. The identification of customer benefits will be done through personal identification technology to bring maximum convenience.

All 43 Vinpearls nationwide will apply the new technology in the future to help customers feel comfortable at check-in desks. 

Being the first resort, hotel and entertainment system in Vietnam to apply AI in operation and management, Vinpearl has created a breakthrough for the country’s tourism and hotel industry. The application is under its digital transformation strategy to bring the best experience to customers, affirming its leading brand position in Vietnam’s tourism industry and welcoming global trends.

This is also Vingroup’s strategic orientation toward a multi-utility service ecosystem with high technology and AI application, contributing to bringing Vietnam to a worthy position in the world’s technology and service map./.

Vinpearl Nha Trang:was the first resort with the Vinpearl brand name which went into operation in 2003. It has 1,362 hotel rooms, 735 villas, 84 sea-view villas, more than 100 entertainment areas, a golf course, a series of diversified theme parks and cuisines from five continents…Vinpearl Nha Trang is the biggest resort, tourism and entertainment complex in Vietnam. It is also one of Vipearl's three biggest complexes with Phú Quốc and Đà Nẵng – Hội An.

Vinpearl has five resort brands: Vinpearl Luxury, Vinpearl Resort, Vinpearl Hotel, Vinpearl Discovery, VinOasis; three entertainment brands including Vinpearl Land, Vinpearl Safari and Vinpearl Golf; two spa brands names including Vincharm and Akoya, one MICE brand of Vinpearl Convention Center, one Vinpearl Theatre brand and culinary brand Almaz. Currently, Vinpearl has 43 resort and hotel complexes with a capacity of around 17,000 hotel and villa rooms at 17 famous tourism sites across Vietnam.

Abour Face Recognition technology:

Face Recognition: is a technology that allows identification and authentication of personal identities based on face anthropology. This technology works by comparing a digital image or video frame with a face stored in a database; find and connect facial features and some other biometric factors to show if the results match.

Face Recognition or Face ID is popular on Facebook's system to create a personal tagging feature on digital photos. Apple technology company has applied the technology to upgrade security, unlocking phones from Iphone X generation onwards in 2018.



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