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Going to Sun World to get lost in the fairytale domain

Update: February, 13/2019 - 14:31

Sun World Halong Complex

Sun World entertainment complexes are the only places in Viet Nam with both top-notch games of international stature and travels in a fairy-tale domain, providing unique experiences.

Sun World Danang Wonders

Endless fun with top games in the world

The top entertainment paradises in Asia such as Genting (Malaysia), Disneyland (Hong Kong, Japan) and Sentosa (Singapore) have long been a magnet for millions of visitors from all over the world. Visitors to these places can joyfully play and challenge themselves in extremely modern games, and also find a high-class resort.

In line with this trend, in Việt Nam, the Sun World complex system is considered an entertainment paradise and in recent years, it has met the thirst for entertainment of domestic and foreign tourists. Now, Vietnamese tourists do not need to go abroad to play the most advanced and modern games in the world. Because at Sun World, young people can enjoy endless fun with world-class modern games.

If you’ve been to Sun World Halong Complex, you will think of Singapore’s most popular Sentosa entertainment centre. This entertainment complex is full of top entertainment experiences and games, a great attraction for young people.

Getting out of the Queen’s cable car after seeing the heritage site Hạ Long Bay from on high, you can sit on the giant Sun Wheel to enjoy the beauty of Hạ Long Bay and the city. Coming to the Sun World Halong Complex complex, visitors should not miss Typhoon Water Park, because the water game world can mesmerise young and old alike.

For young people, Sun World Halong Complex is a paradise of adventure games, the largest theme park in the area Dragon Theme Park opens up a world of emotions from more than 30 thrilling games. Rotating in the air and falling freely at a speed of 65km per hour, flipping a lot of aerial rounds at the Death Ring, sitting on the dragon god with twists at 105 km per hour, you will be entranced.

These super cool games can also be experienced at Sun World Danang Wonders or Fantasy Park at Sun World Ba Na Hills (Đà Nẵng). If Sun World Danang Wonders is famous for its huge rotation and world-class games, Fantasy Park at Sun World Ba Na Hills is an ideal destination for the whole family, a paradise for the children, inspired by two famous novels Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, with countless fun games.

Meanwhile, Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park is a paradise of sea games such as snorkelling, watching coral, kayaking, parachuting canoes and water motorbikes.

In addition to cultural and art festivals taking place throughout the four seasons, hundreds of high-class games at every Sun World complex have a special attraction for those seeking endless fun.

Sun World Fansipan Legend

Go to Sun World to get lost in the fairy scene

Sun World not only has world-class games. What makes Sun World a must visit at least once is in the landscape invested with geat scale set in the magnificent beauty of nature.

Sun World Fansipan Legend is covered by clouds in four seasons with the name of "cloudy city", where visitors can admire the wild beauty mesmerising the hearts of the northwestern mountains and Sun World Halong Complex is an artificial wonder located on romantic Hạ Long Bay. Sun World Ba Na Hills brings visitors back to the quiet beauty of an ancient Europe and Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park is an opportunity for tourists to see the beauty of the sea of ​​Phú Quốc island from the longest sea-crossing cable car in the world.

Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park

Interestingly, at any Sun World complex, visitors also find a cultural story, a characteristic artistic mark of one of the countries with the most unique cultural traditions in the world. If you’re in love with the beauty of Japan, then the mysterious hill at Sun World Halong Complex is a miniature Funan country with the dark green leaves brought from Japan, in the peaceful Koi aquarium, in a deep Japanese architectural style.

If you like Asian culture, then you’ll be thrilled by Sun World Danang Wonders - a huge project with the best symbols of architecture and culture of 10 Asian countries. As a fan of European culture, do not forget to visit Ba Na Hills to be immersed in the magnificent gothic architecture of the French village, sipping the German beer at Beer Plaza, trying Italian flavours at Brasserie, or enjoying Russian cuisine at KavKaz Vista restaurant.

Golden Bridge - Sun World Ba Na Hill

In any Sun World complex, you will also be able to travel through scenic areas of fairyland - and so Sun World is not only a place to "Play", to have "Fun", but also to "Feel" the beauty of the nature and the unique architecture stretching across Việt Nam.

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