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The Buddha relics inside the highest Buddha Statue in Việt Nam

Update: February, 03/2019 - 09:19

On February 2, 2019, as a new spring arrived full of vitality in the Northwest highlands, tourists and Buddhists contemplated the Buddha’s sacred relics placed solemnly inside statue of the Great Amitabha Buddha. This is the tallest bronze Buddha statue in Việt Nam, located in the majestic spiritual complex on Fansipan Summit.

These are the Buddha relics given by Buddhist monks from Myanmar to Vĩnh Nghiêm pagoda. The pagoda held a ceremony at the Great Buddha Statue at Fansipan, praying for peace.

Buddha relics are stored in a small bronze tower clock placed inside the seven-storey crystal glass tower, which shimmers among the solemn space in the heart of the statue at an altitude of 3000m.

According to Buddhist culture, Buddha relics are treasures of the Buddha, similar to how the king’s sword is the "national history" of a dynasty. Therefore, Buddha relics are always treated with the most respectful heart.

Located on the majestic peak of Fansipan, these Buddha relics make the already spiritual destination even more sacred.

Following the ceremony on the day of the Buddha relics’ procession to the summit of Fansipan, monks, Buddhists and tourists happily worshiped and prayed for peace for their families and the country in front of the sacred relics.

They visited and worshiped the magnificent works in the spiritual cultural complex on Fansipan Summit in the Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist area.

Stretching from a height of more than 1600m to the legendary tower 3143m, Fanispan has been dubbed the ‘roof of Indochina’. The complex consists of spiritual structures divided into clusters, bearing the characteristic architecture of the Vietnamese pagoda. Nestled in the mountains among the clouds, the place creates a spiritual scene among the top places of the country.

This is a spiritual destination for tourists and Buddhists, especially in the spring, because of the sacred spiritual energy, festivals and cultural activities of the Northwest. The festivals are held at the beginning of the first month of each lunar year, including the Spring festival to open the heaven gate and the flower festival.

The spiritual and cultural areas at Sun World Fansipan Legend include many typical Buddhist works such as Vọng lĩnh Cao đài, Bảo An Thiền Tự, Bích Vân Thiền Tự, Kim Sơn Bảo Thắng Tự, La Hán road and a Bodhisattva statue.

Most significant among them is the Great Amitabha Buddha statue with a height of 21.5m, cast in bronze using a method never done before in Việt Nam by placing small pieces of 5mm thick copper over an iron frame with a volume of nearly 1000cu.m.

The heart of the Great Buddha Statue, where the Buddha relics are placed, is covered with marble imported from Europe. This is probably the most special place for Buddha relics in Việt Nam.

In the early spring of the lunar New Year, pilgrims to the sacred peak walk peacefully between spiritual works among the clouds, sincerely admiring the Buddha relics and bowing to pray before the sacred Buddha statue.

From February 7 (the third day of Lunar New Year), Sun World Fansipan Legend organised a flower festival and a Spring festival to open the heaven gate Fansipan to welcome visitors to the sacred area to travel, worship Buddha, contemplate the Buddha relics and pray for peace and good luck at the beginning of the year.

The festivals are the largest yet with many special activities such as bánh dày making, a dance contest and traditional games such as pig racing, pig eye catching and stilts. They are held amidst 50,000 tulip trees, 4000 grape-leaf daisies, thousands of begonias, raspberries, peaches and plums.

Buddhists and tourists will converge on Bảo An Thiền Tự, Bích Vân Thiền Tự and Kim Sơn Bảo Thắng Tự to pray, receive red lucky paper and spiritual gifts and attend spiritual performances to start a happy spring season.


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