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Building Equality & Inclusion into a business strategy

Update: May, 25/2022 - 10:17

Recently, P&G has announced new commitments aimed toward advancing Equality & Inclusion across the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa (AMA) at its fourth annual #WeSeeEqual summit for the region. Built on the theme #Unlearn and #Unleash, the summit saw P&G commit to several actions needed to advance progress towards creating an equal and inclusive world.

From an equal and inclusive workplace

Equality & Inclusion (E&I) has been a strategic focus area of P&G for many years and is consistently executed in every market it operates. The company continuously improves the need-based policy and support system to accommodate different life stage changes with best-in-class practices such as extended paternity leave policies and on-site baby day-care to provide a more manageable arrangement for working parents.

In this year's latest commitments, P&G will spend a cumulative total of $300 million US dollars by deliberately working with women-owned and women-led businesses across the AMA region from 2021 to 2025. Having made strong progress in increasing the representation of female directors from 16% in 2019 to 35% today, P&G commits to achieving the 50-50 goal by 2024 through a comprehensive set of actions to build, fuel, and connect a pipeline of diverse female talent in advertising, media, and content.

In Vietnam, the company is taking deliberate action to accelerate equality & inclusion for all, including gender equality and LGBT visibility. During many years of operations, P&G Vietnam keeps raising the bar of excellence and continues stepping forward for tangible impact across E&I dimensions and its operations: for employees, with its brands, through its business partners, and in communities.

P&G Vietnam conducts regular enrichment sessions with inspirational female leaders

This is an organization where more than 50% of its managers are women and an increasing percentage of female technicians in plants. P&G Vietnam organized impactful activities for its employees, including the E&I talks with women leaders, Menstruation talk, and Gable launch (an internal initiative for LGBT),...

To communities enabling impact

To advance equality and inclusion, P&G Vietnam keeps the voice of the company and its brands in forums and events to drive discussion and actions on the issues that matter.

Through collaboration with CARE International, the company promotes Equality & Inclusion for Gen Z students and expands economic access and opportunity for ethnic minority women.

Through collaboration with Care International, P&G Vietnam promotes Equality & Inclusion for Gen Z

Early this year, P&G Vietnam joined hands with top business leaders in Vietnam, and some of the largest chambers in Vietnam, including AmCham, AusCham, BritCham, CanCham, and EuroCham... came together to share their work and further discuss topics relevant to some of the priorities that the workforce today cares about most, including inclusive leadership, how to build a more inclusive environment, attracting and retaining diverse talent, and others.

P&G champions supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Vietnam

Especially, together with leaders of the chambers, Consuls Generals, 21 business leaders including Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam, Bosch Vietnam... P&G Vietnam signed on to the Vietnam Panel Pledge as a bold commitment to creating a positive mindset for the inclusion of women in all discussions.  The Panel Pledge is an achievable step to enhance Equality & Inclusion in public and professional forums. It’s also a shared commitment made by company leaders and senior executives to support and promote gender equity in thought leadership at every meeting and influence system-wide change.

“Equality & Inclusion is part of our business strategy. It helps us accelerate our ability to innovate and solve problems that make meaningful differences for the consumers we serve and support the communities in which we live and work. We are committed to unlocking the full potential of P&G people by creating a workplace where all are welcome as they are, where all talents can contribute to their best, and every voice is heard",  Sairamana Ponugoti, Country Manager of P&G Vietnam, shared.

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