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VNG Cloud CEO is ready to tackle new challenges

Update: March, 07/2022 - 13:00

With 18 years as head of CMC Saigon, building a system integrating company from revenue of 30 billion VND to more than 2 trillion, and eight years of continuous growth at an average rate of 30 percent a year, Dang The Tai’s decision to resign left many surprised.

Identifying as a person with different thoughts and always wanting to master the game, Tai agreed to lead VNG Cloud. VNG Corp heavily invests in the strategic business segment of cloud computing.

Tai said that he had planned to leave CMC Saigon in 2018 and took steps to prepare for his successor because he felt that he had been in the safe zone for too long, and if he wanted to develop further, he needed to step into a wider playing field.

At the age of 5x, I want to choose something challenging to try before retiring. When I had a chance to meet Mr.Minh (VNG’s General Director - PV), I saw the opportunity to turn VNG Cloud into a name commensurate with VNG’s wishes,” Tai said.

It has been reported that the CEO likes to do things differently and master his own game, so coming to VNG Cloud was an opportunity for him and VNG Corp because he can directly contribute to and build a new environment.

Despite being heavily affected by the pandemic, VNG Cloud has grown in the past three years. The cloud computing market in 2021 has increased by 30-40 percent. This is the basis for Tai to put great faith in the potential of VNG Cloud.

VNG Cloud’s strategy until 2025 is to reach 2.5 trillion in revenue

Is this revenue of 2.5 trillion and the goal of serving 50,000 customers too ambitious? According to him, the top 100 largest customers have contributed about 50-60 percent of sales. With the capacity to serve the most extensive and most fastidious customers, VNG Cloud will have the ability to satisfy the remaining customers.

Viet Nam will have more than 1 million businesses in 2025, so 50,000 firms only account for a small percentage of the companies, so the expected target is not too great.

VNG Cloud wants to become the number one cloud computing service provider in Viet Nam, leaving Tai confident when setting this challenging goal.

Firstly, cloud migration is still on-trend. The cloud market in Viet Nam has been behind the international market for around 5-10 years. According to IDG’s forecast, the market scale in 2025 will reach about 600-700 million USD, but Tai believes that the Cloud market in Viet Nam will grow faster than the forecast, much larger.

Secondly, VNG Cloud is originally Vinadata, a data center company that started early in Viet Nam. Tai thinks that it is difficult for any other enterprise to have such a large scale of a Data Center and Cloud services as they had, which is nearly 10,000 physical servers in Viet Nam.

VNG Cloud has a product-making culture: “Doing simple things with excellent quality” 

Not many Vietnamese businesses have such a philosophy. Along with that is a stable financial capability. It is necessary to be focused and patient when doing anything, especially when developing internal resources and creating products in parallel with the market.

“At the moment, we have received reviews from the customers as having the best cloud computing technology capacity,” Tai said.

“The problem is that the business scale is not as expected, and we need a new business model. This model will be automated, and it will certainly take time for the new business model to complete, and we believe that we know how to do it. I believe it will be successful”.


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