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Mondelez Kinh Do puts staff wellbeing first

Update: December, 24/2021 - 10:41

In pursuit of an ideal workplace for talent to fly high with the philosophy "Grow people to grow business," Mondelez Kinh Do cultivates a balanced working environment and commits to supporting employee wellbeing programs in three crucial strategies: embracing people’s true colors, promoting flexibility, and nurturing a “We Care” culture.

Embracing people’s true colors

People are the most important asset to building solid and sustainable growth. Mondelez Kinh Do, since the first days of its presence in Việt Nam, has been nurturing a diverse and inclusive corporate culture and working environment that encourages integration, innovation, flexibility, and playfulness through various career experiences with famous global and local brands such as Oreo, LU, Cadbury chocolate, Toblerone, Tang orange powder, Kinh Do, Cozy, Solite & AFC.

At Mondelez Kinh Do, we respect and embrace the true colors of every employee. The Mondelez Kinh Do management board always encourages new ideas and creativity. We're action-oriented people, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible to perform our mission to lead the future of snacking," said Le An Binh, HR at Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam.

The four pillars of employee experience at Mondelez Kinh Do are: Make it unique yours, Make it with pride, Make it possible, Make it matter. This showcases what is unique to the company, and was built with employees and leaders across all geographies, functions and levels in the organization.

Among them, "Make it unique yours" is the first priority and every single individual is given the opportunity to develop fully.

“We have come to the end of a year with many challenges and hardships. It is, yet, the opportunity for us to promote creativity and build different wellbeing programs focusing on physical health and mental health to our employees” said Le An Binh.

Accordingly, The Right You Club was established with three pillars, “Right Body,” “Right Mind,” and “Connections,” which have provided timely care and support to ensure physical and mental health and connection with the community.

A series of activities have been actively implemented over the years to improve sportsmanship, such as Small steps – big gains; 30-day challenges; and practicing sports among Mondelez members in Southeast Asia.

In particular, on Mondelez’s Global Purpose Day occasion, the Sports Week event was deployed nationwide, engaging employees in different sports activities such as aerobics, jogging, walking, cycling and table tennis. With more than 300 members participating in this event,  Việt Nam has been the most engaged team in Southeast Asia.

The Right You Club was established to provide timely care and support to ensure physical and mental health and connection with the community.

To promote The Right Mind, seminars on health with experts have attracted the participation of all employees. Some highlighted activities are the online health webinar "Immune system and defense mechanism," "Meditation - How to reduce stress effectively," Treating Headaches with electroconvulsive methods, Preventing neck and shoulder pain and Cardiovascular consultation. These events have equipped employees with the necessary knowledge and practices to balance mental health through difficult times.

Going forward, the company will provide free consultation and 24/7 support services for employees and family members. This service is provided by leading experts in Viet Nam to answer questions in medical care, finance, law, parenting, nutrition and sports. 

Mondelez Kinh Do believes that every employee in the company and their family members will get the best care to bring peace of mind with this support.

These meaningful initiatives from Mondelez Kinh Do have received positive responses from employees and their families (Photos were taken before the Social Distancing Order)

In addition, many connection activities have been organized to support colleagues and communities in need due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as Women's Day, Adam's Day, Green living activities, environmental protection and fundraising programs. Among them, the Family Day event attracted the participation and competition of hundreds of families of employees with the themes of my sweet home, my energetic family, and my amazing family.

These meaningful initiatives have received positive responses from employees, raising a strong awareness of mental and physical well-being, and enhancing excellent connections with colleagues, families, and communities.

Embracing balance through flexibility

To Mondelez Kinh Do, the key to building a balanced working environment is to enable the flexibilities that employees are able to manage their work and personal life (to enable the employees to manage their work and life with flexibility). The company creates a working environment under the corporate culture that employees feel the company is like their second home, where they are safe to take challenges,  develop themselves and thus increase their quality of life.

“At Mondelez Kinh Do, our people development policies have been developed to our business growth for work-life harmony. Many decisions from the Board of Directors are directed towards optimizing time and work so that employees have the best balance for life and family,” said Le An Binh.

The core element of work-life harmony built at Mondelez Kinh Do consists of pride and passion. They work for the brands they love with pride that comes with the mission to lead the future of the snacking industry.

The company always encourages its employees to "Dream Big, Act Fast and Be All Together." With that, the balance will no longer be measured in terms of time but in terms of the emotional index: joyfulness, pride, satisfaction, and happiness that all staff can feel.

With that notion, the Flexible Working Pledge, referring to flexible workplace solutions across the company, has been applied by Mondelez International in many countries. 

Through its commitment to a flexible workplace, the company empowers its employees to work in ways that allow them to balance their professional and personal needs to perform their best.

The program is a part of the company’s long-term vision, reflecting not only its prompt response to the “new normal” working conditions, but also its strategic commitment to a working method that promotes productivity today and in the future.

Mondelez Kinh Do builds a balanced working environment that enables the flexibility for its employees to manage their work and personal life (photos taken before Social Distancing Order)

A “We Care” culture

The past year has been challenging for companies and caused difficulties in people’s lives. Yet, the tough times shows a beautiful tradition of mutual affection and solidarity at Mondelez Kinh Do, underscored by numerous activities from the company and colleagues to support those in need.

“Fund of Love" and "Happiness Fair" are remarkable activities jointly contributed by all staff of Mondelez Kinh Do to raise funds and support the employees suffering from the pandemic. The Board of Directors of Mondelez Kinh Do factories located in Binh Duong and Hung Yen also organized events to give thousands of gifts to their employees to encourage spirituality and provide practical support.

Mondelez Kinh Do support colleagues suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic through numerous activities.

The company has made enormous efforts to maintain jobs and incomes for thousands of workers amidst the pandemic, as well as significantly investing in resources to ensure safety for their workforce.

At Mondelez Kinh Do, regardless of any circumstances, the top priority is always given to employees’ health and wellbeing, and we will ensure this priority so that our employees, together with the company, can overcome the pandemic,” said Le An Binh.

These things make every team member at Mondelez Kinh Do proudly feel the place they work is truly their second home!




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