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DestinAsian has honoured Capella Hanoi belonging to Sun Group as the “Best New Hotel in the Asia – Pacific region"

Update: September, 15/2021 - 11:34

On September 7, the new masterpiece of Sun Group in the capital, Capella Hanoi, was honoured as one of the "Best New Hotels in the Asia – Pacific region" by The Luxe List 2021 of the famous DestinAsian travel magazine.

Launched in April 2021 when the tourism sector encountered unprecedented difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Capella Hanoi Hotel has immediately affirmed its rank after only three months of operation, that is proved by the fact that it has become the "Best New Hotel in the Asia-Pacific region" in The Luxe List – the prestigious annual ranking of DestinAsian magazine.

Starting in 2004, The Luxe List is a list selected by reporters and editors of the famous DestinAsian travel magazine. They have been secretly visiting each hotel for the purpose of assessment based on the criteria of design, service, location, etc. in order to make the most objective evaluation. That is the reason why The Luxe List is regarded as an extremely prestigious information channel for travellers around the world.

Capella Hanoi is honoured to be on this list, that is a very pleasant surprise for the next masterpiece designed by the King of Resorts Bill Bensley and is also the most first-rate and luxurious hotel project in the collection of hotels and resorts of Sun Group investors. This is also the first hotel operated by the globally famous hotel brand of Singapore that is Capella Hotels & Resorts in Vietnam.

Located at number 11 Le Phung Hieu street, which is the most beautiful street of Ha Noi, Sun Group's first boutique hotel embraces a unique Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture, reviving an elegant inn for famous artists and composers during the heyday of opera music in the 1920s.

Stepping into the elevator lobby of the hotel, guests will be able to see four large statues named Carotids by Bill Bensley. This is regarded as one of the indispensable architectural features of theater design.

At the Diva's Lounge, guests can immerse themselves in cocktails, the story of world-famous Opera divas in the 20s will be told, through every design detail, through classical music and even the taste of typical snacks.

While walking along the corridor to go to the famous Backstage restaurant, guests will embody the life of the artist, when they are welcomed by the continuous flashing lights from the painting simulating the paparazzi hunting famous people.

The Backstage restaurant is regarded as the pride of Capella Hanoi thanks to its impressive architecture as it can bring guests back in time to experience the art space of the old days behind the stage with props and colourful performance costumes with impressive red velvet colours.

Here, with the talented hands of famous chefs, a unique menu is composed of Northern specialties, vegan dishes delicately prepared from fresh local ingredients that will give the full feeling of the culinary art with delicacy and richness in characteristics of Trang An to guests.

Embracing the beauty of Vietnamese royal decoration, Auriga Spa is a perfect combination between natural patterns in the tropical area and splendid royal colours. Auriga Spa has also just been shortlisted for the AHEAD Awards 2021 for the most beautifully designed Spa in Asia.

Capella Hanoi only owns 47 rooms and suites. However, each room is a special masterpiece in association with the name of a famous artist or a legend from the past. There is no repetition between any of the rooms here, therefore, from custom-made furniture, portraits painted by artist Kate Spencer, to the designed space, all demonstrates personality, passion and even life stories including sadness, happiness, humour and tragedy of the artists.

The impressive design of Capella Hanoi has impressed the world media. TIME magazine (United States) most recently mentioned Capella Hanoi as one of the best destinations in the world in 2021.

Capella Hanoi has another great honour when the management brand of Capella Hotels and Resorts has also just been voted "The 2nd best hotel brand in the world" for two consecutive years by the Travel + Leisure Awards 2021 - World's Best Awards. It is known that the super luxury hotel brand of Singapore is on the trend of rapid expansion in the next four years with planned projects in Sydney, Maldives, Korea, US, Japan and the Middle East.

With modern furnishings and dedicated personalised service from Capella Hotels & Resorts, Capella Hanoi is the name guaranteeing the most first-rate experiences. “The best new hotel in the Asia-Pacific region” is worthy to be an elegant artistic highlight in the heart of the vibrant capital, a luxurious destination for travellers on their journey to discover Ha Noi, with its thousand-year history.

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