June 06, 2024 - 08:30

Acting as insurance broker for the additional health insurance package

As a federally owned enterprise, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH supports the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. On behalf of the German Government, GIZ provides advisory services to the Vietnamese Government in four priority areas: (1) Vocational training, (2) Environmental, (3) Energy, and (4) Sustainable Economic Development. For further information, please visit

Taking care of the health conditions of staff, beside the mandatory state social health insurance benefits, GIZ has offered to all national personnel (NP) in Vietnam an additional health care package since 2010. Due to the very complex process in dealing with claiming services of more than 300 Vietnamese staff members, GIZ Vietnam would like to outsource this task and to conclude an insurance policy with an insurance broker, which will help GIZ Vietnam staff in settling and processing claims towards the insuring company. Furthermore, according to the Vietnamese regulation, GIZ as an employer has to provide their staff with the annual health check. The annual health check package is also administered by the insuring company through the insurance broker.

Thus, GIZ Office Hanoi is conducting a tender to seek qualified Local Consultancy company (here after called as LC) for the assignment:

a. Tentative duration: from 01.01.2025 until 31.12.2026 (with possibility of extension up to 2 years)

b. Place of assignment: Vietnam

c. Number of insured staff approximately 300 national personnel

d. Tasks:

- Take over the agreed insurance programme in 2025, follow up with policy management and claim services in 2025;

- Review, consult and design the new insurance programme in 2026 (and possible extension to end of 2028);

- Work/Negotiate with insurance companies to get the most competitive quotations for GIZ insurance scheme in 2026 (and possible extension to end of 2028);

- Support GIZ in insurance policy management as well as in claim services in 2026 (and possible extension to end of 2028).

Please send email to before 20.06.2024 to receive eligibility dossier.

Interested LCs are requested to prepare the following documents in English:

1. Letter of interest (with Director’s or authorised person’s signature and company stamp)

2. LC profile (incl. Business license (for firm) or Decision of establishment (for association), Tax code registration, organisational chart, similar experience/copy of contracts related to Green/Circular Economy/Business development/design or innovation)

3. Audited financial reports of the last 03 years. Important/key information in the audited financial reports or in annual tax reports must be translated into English if documents are in Vietnamese

LCs send Eligibility dossiers to latest by 17:00 (Hanoi time) on 27.06.2024 with email subject: “Tender 83466824 - GIZ Office Hanoi-Eligibility dossier”.

GIZ is obliged to ensure the confidentiality of all bidding documents submitted.

Important notes:

1. Request of EoI dossier to be sent to before 20.06.2024

2. Eligibility assessment related questions to be sent to before 21.06.2024

3. Eligibility dossier to be sent to before 5 PM on 27.06.2024 Sending documents to wrong email address will lead to disqualification of the bidder.

4. Only selected bidders will be invited to present technical and financial offers.

5. For data protection and information security reason: In case the total volume of your bids is below 10 MB, you can attach them directly in the email sent to us. In case the total volume of your bids is above 10 MB, the files must be sent via GIZ filetransfer system. We will provide the guidance on how to use filetransfer to interested bidders. Files sent via other applications/systems such as google drive, dropbox…will not be accepted.