Bắc Giang aims for Chũ Township expansion by 2025

May 26, 2024 - 13:18
Under the plan, the province aims to expand Chũ Township to meet Class-4 urban standards.
An aerial view of Chũ Township centre, Bắc Giang Province.

BẮC GIANG – Lục Ngạn District in Bắc Giang Province is stepping up its efforts to fulfill the requirements for the development of Chũ Township by 2025.

This plan is in harmony with the economic, social and urban development strategies outlined by the provincial authorities.

Located in eastern Bắc Giang Province, Lục Ngạn District covers an area of 1,032.53sq.km, featuring complex terrain.

The uneven population distribution poses challenges in management, administration and the implementation of social welfare policies, resulting in significant income disparities between residents in the town and those in the highland areas.

Under the plan, the province aims to expand Chũ Township to meet Class-4 urban standards.

This expansion will include the entire natural area of ten communes and townships: Chũ Township and communes of Mỹ An, Nam Dương, Quý Sơn, Phượng Sơn, Trù Hựu, Kiên Thành, Kiên Lao, Hồng Giang, and Thanh Hải.

Chũ Township, Phượng Sơn, Hồng Giang, Trù Hựu, and Thanh Hải communes are expected to meet the criteria for ward status.

Chũ is aiming to develop into a central urban area in the eastern economic region of the province, specialising in agricultural production, supplying agricultural materials and producing high-quality specialty fruits.

It is also set to become a hub for cultural, ecological and leisure tourism, as well as logistics, while maintaining a strong ethnic cultural identity.

Vương Tuấn Nghĩa, Secretary of the Lục Ngạn District Party Committee, highlighted the expansive scope of Lục Ngạn, including 29 communes, wards and townships.

Ethnic minorities represent over 65 per cent of the population in 19 highland communes.

He said that the urban development is currently concentrated mainly in the western part of the province, creating an uneven distribution of urban growth.

It's essential to establish a central urban area in the eastern region, including Sơn Động, Lục Ngạn, and Lục Nam districts, to rectify this imbalance and ensure fair urban development throughout the province.

Expanding Chũ Town will offer local residents access to urban infrastructure, promoting economic growth, labour productivity, job, attracting investment and enhancing overall living standards.

To achieve Class-4 urban standards by 2025, Lục Ngạn District is mobilising investments and pushing ahead with 25 urban infrastructure projects totaling over VNĐ492 billion.

Infrastructure development synchronisation

Recent efforts have focused on urgent road renovation, sidewalk construction, greenery improvement and lighting system installation.

Started in early April, the project is expected to complete by mid-June.

"We are accelerating progress, mobilising labour and machinery for round-the-clock construction. We are committed to completing the project one month ahead of schedule," said Nguyễn Vững Mạnh, the project's officer.

Trần Văn Ngọc, Deputy Director of the Lục Ngạn District Project Management Board, said that of the 25 projects targeting Class-4 urban standards for Chũ Township, 18 are complete, with the rest ongoing.

Since 2010, Lục Ngạn District has prioritised infrastructure investment, achieving significant improvements and improving residents' living standards.

Despite progress, significant deficiencies persist in Chũ Township, notably in economic and social infrastructure.

Secretary Nghĩa underscores the goal for Chũ to become an eco-friendly, liveable urban space. To achieve this, Lục Ngạn District is pooling resources to attract major investors for tourism and commercial projects, while focusing on high-quality fruit cultivation.

The district also prioritises technical infrastructure, transportation and investments in industry, logistics and agriculture. — VNS