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Famous exercise guru shares her tips about staying strong during COVID-19

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Exercising has become a new lifestyle in Viet Nam with more and more people following a regular exercise regimen. People choose from various activities, from going to the gym, running and swimming to kick-fit or yoga, but they all have the same target: improving their health amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Viet Nam News reporter Lê Thu Ngân talked with Hana Giang Anh, a famous Vietnamese fitness influencer and Group-X instructor, who has many well-known videos on YouTube and her Facebook fanpage, about exercise trends and how to stay healthy during the pandemic.

Hana Giang Anh is now a fitness Influencer and CEO of Inspire Boutique Fitness, an aesthetic fitness chain for women in Việt Nam.. — Courtesy Photo of Hana


Inner Sanctum: Can you please tell us something about yourself and your job? What inspired you to become a fitness instructor/trainer? 

My name is Hana Giang Anh. I’m now a fitness Influencer and CEO of Inspire Boutique Fitness, an aesthetic fitness chain for women in Việt Nam.

Being a fitness trainer was my fate. I have loved sports, dancing and exercising since I was a child. At the age of 17, I started exercise activities. At that time, however, I was not grown up enough to think about the career and dream that I would follow in the future. I just did exercise for a simple reason: I loved it.

Hana Giang Anh advises people to maintain an exercise routine at home and combine measures to protect your health, and yourself and those around you. . — Courtesy Photo of Hana


After that, when I got older, I found that it was important to nurture my hobby. That’s why I decided to become a group-X trainer. I believe it is a suitable job for someone like me who want to live an energetic life.

It was lucky for me that I was able to follow this career and now have fruitful achievements. This career has really brought me happiness and health. I have also had a chance to socialise with people and inspire them to do exercise so that they can live healthy lives.

I have never regretted dropping out of college to follow this career. I try my best to grow day by day. 

In the fitness community, you are famous for inspiring people, including women, to have a better body by following your instruction. What have you gained from your career and what do you remember most?

During my career, I have never put pressure on my shoulders about how much I will earn and when I will become famous. 

I really didn't care much about achievements when I started many career. I do everything from my heart, with the aim of bringing value to myself and the community.

As a group-X coach, I have moved to many areas as well as different working environments, and I always hope to find new teammates who share the same passion with me. I am willing to share personal experiences to make things clear to them. 

Hana Giang Anh thinks no one except you can make you beautiful. — Courtesy Photo of Hana


Regarding my proudest moments, it is creating a new generation of passionate coaches in the fitness field, and together we are building a fitness ecosystem.

Inner Sanctum: What difficulties have you faced during your career? You started your career at a time when not many Vietnamese had the habit of practising fitness. Can you recall the time when you decided to follow this career?

In the initial period, I faced some challenges when having to move to many places. The other challenge came when I developed my YouTube channel. Everything was new and strange to me. I had to do many things without any experience.

Furthermore, it's difficult when facing a lot of competition. In the fitness area, you always have to develop, have more degrees, be more professional. There are many young coaches and they have a chance to access vast amounts of information.

In fact, the fitness industry in Asia has developed rapidly, and there are diverse modern fitness models, especially in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore.

If you don't try to learn and innovate, you will fall behind. 

Luckily, everything has passed and I have been able to follow my passion. To me, success is something simple: like helping a girl to have a better body and become confident.

Inner Sanctum: What do you think about the habit of practising fitness among Vietnamese people now? 

I am happy to see that day by day, more and more Vietnamese people are doing exercise. Doing exercise has become a trend in Việt Nam with many people joining marathon events or  fitness classes.

Many exercises are posted on YouTube and media channels and many fitness apps have been launched so that people can follow them whenever they have free time.

This trend is very good because in addition to healthy meals, doing exercise will help them become stronger.

However, I have found that many people exercise very hard. In reality, they do not understand each muscle area of ​​the body and how their body burns fat and gains muscle. As a result, they do not do suitable exercises. That’s why they often wonder why it is not effective, or why they get big but are not toned.

Inner Sanctum: What should people do to have a fitness routine that suits themselves?

Make daily practice a habit and a passion for you. You will then have happy and healthy moments. Remember, no one except you can make you beautiful.

Inner Sanctum: Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, what should people do to have a healthy life?

I advise you to relieve your burden. After that, actively practise, and please observe your surroundings. All who practise sports are younger than their age.

At the time of covid 19, it is necessary to increase your resistance so vitamin C should be added.

Inner Sanctum: What should we do to inspire more people to practise fitness and live a healthy life during the pandemic?

In the era of 4.0 technology, during the pandemic you need to stay at home to protect your health and when the fitness centre is closed. You should maintain an exercise routine at home and combine measures to protect your health, and yourself and those around you. 

Please do not store too many canned foods or instant noodles because they are unhealthy. Invest more in meals add lots of fresh foods to enhance vitamins and nutrients for your muscles. You can be strong and healthy. — VNS

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