Persimmon orchards in Đà Lạt attract visitors

October 22, 2023 - 08:42
Persimmon farms have become a magnet, especially for appealing young travellers who love to explore.
The Lễ Vân farm in Đà Lạt is popular among tourists for its 'wind-hanging persimmons' . VNA/VNS Photo

by An Phương

Đà Lạt, with lush persimmon orchards laden with ripe fruit, has much been visited by tourists this October.

In the month of October, Đà Lạt in the Central Highlands province of Lâm Đồng begins to transition into winter, marking the most beautiful time of the year for the resort city.

Persimmons have been cultivated in Đà Lạt for a long time, producing a unique specialty characteristic of the mountainous region. Nowadays, these persimmon farms have become a magnet, especially for appealing young travellers who love to explore.

Đà Lạt offers a variety of persimmon species to meet the preferences of consumers. When it comes to persimmon gardens in Đà Lạt, the Khe Sanh Street and Hoàng Hoa Thám Street areas cannot be overlooked.

These areas have the largest persimmon orchards in central Đà Lạt. They serve as popular destinations for agro-tours, allowing tourists to experience picking the fruits and observing the unique drying process by hanging them in natural light and wind. That is why they are called "wind-hanging persimmons" in Đà Lạt.

The Lễ Vân persimmon orchard, located on Khe Sanh Street, at Mimosa Pass, frequently welcomes visitors to explore their golden ripe fruits, capturing the breathtaking beauty through photography. Alongside photography opportunities, visitors can also indulge in tasting freshly picked ripe persimmons or experiencing the natural drying of the fruits.

Lan Anh, who is the owner of the Lễ Vân farm, says that they are currently nurturing golden ripe persimmons and will produce wind-hanging persimmons following the Japanese technology at the appropriate time, after the rainy season completely ends.

Simultaneously, the farm is open for visitors to freely explore and capture the beauty of the persimmon trees laden with ripe fruits.

Owner of The Lạt Vintage café Lê Châu said that within the café premises, there are abundant ripe and golden persimmons that have attracted many visitors for photography.

Although there have been inquiries from traders to purchase the persimmons, she refuses to sell them, reserving them exclusively for visitors to admire, take photos, and experience picking ripe persimmons just like the local farmers.

On the outskirts of Đà Lạt, such as Xuân Trường Commune and Trạm Hành Commune, there are even more persimmon gardens, creating an attractive tourism product.

Bảo Trang, a tourist from Hà Nội, says that autumn in Đà Lạt has a unique charm, different from Hà Nội, with its beautiful orchards full of golden persimmons.

Due to her passion for photography, she books a room with a view of persimmon trees in the garden, making it convenient for her to capture photos and enjoy the ripe fruits.

According to statistics from the Đà Lạt administration, in the first nine months of this year, the city welcomed over 5 million visitors, an increase of 18.5 per cent compared to the same period, reaching 78.5 per cent of the annual plan.

In the remaining months of the year, Đà Lạt continues to promote and encourage businesses to enhance the quality of services, focusing on agritourism to attract more visitors to the city.

The city also emphasises the importance of strengthening partnerships for tourism development, and encouraging connections between domestic and international tourist routes.

Trần Thị Vũ Loan, vice chairwoman of the People's Committee of Đà Lạt, says that the city's tourism industry focuses on promoting its key activities, such as agritourism, high-quality tourism, and particularly eco-friendly tourism within the locality.

Additionally, Đà Lạt is expanding tourism activities in anticipation of the coming celebrations for the 130th founding anniversary of the city in December. - VNS