Worker saved after being impaled on steel bar

April, 14/2020 - 18:28
A man whose lung was pierced by a steel bar in an accident at work has undergone surgery at Huế central hospital on Tuesday.


A man pierced by a steel bar in the operating room at Huế City Central Hospital. He was saved after emergency surgery. —Photo courtesy of Huế City Central Hospital

THỪA THIÊN-HUẾ — A man whose lung was pierced by a steel bar in an accident at work has undergone surgery at Huế central hospital on Tuesday.

Doctors at the hospital said the man, 40, fell from scaffolding and the rebar hit his shoulder. The spike pierced his lung and went out of his armpit. The fall caused serious injuries, doctors added.

The steel bar was removed after surgery on Tuesday, and the patient is in a stable condition.

Doctors said the patient would be kept in the intensive care unit for full recovery.

Also on Tuesday, surgeons at the hospital of the Huế City Medicine College said they had successfully replaced the injured hip joint of a 103-year-old woman in the city.

They said the woman was taken to the hospital with a broken femur on March 28. The surgery helped remove the broken bone and replaced it with an artificial femur on April 4. She has been recovering well as of Tuesday. — VNS