Teacher in remote school in Đắk Lắk honoured by students and colleagues

November 16, 2022 - 08:18
Born in a family with tradition of study, Y Thắng chose to become a teacher to realise his dream of educating children from his poor homeland.
Teacher Y Thắng visits every local house to encourage children to go to school. — Photo infonet.vietnamnet.vn

ĐẮK LẮK — After graduating from Đắk Lắk College of Pedagogy in 2004, Y Thắng Rơ Yam volunteered to become a teacher at a remote secondary school.

Since then he has taught generations of students who almost dropped out of school due to difficult circumstances.

Born in a family with tradition of study, Y Thắng chose to become a teacher to realise his dream of educating children from his poor homeland.

“I saw many children drop out of school, leading to committing violations. Others got married at an early age, have lots of babies and live a difficult and unhappy life,” he told Infonet.

“Teaching was my dream since early age,” he said, adding that teaching could help change lives of these children.

Trần Quốc Toản Secondary School where he is teaching is located in Ea R’bin Commune, the most remote and disadvantaged area of Lắk District. Many students who live far from the school would almost certainly have dropped out if it was not for the encouragement of Y Thắng.

He even stayed with families who refused to send children to school and persuaded them.

Teacher H’ Thủy Tơ, one of Y Thắng’s colleagues, said all the teachers admired his enthusiasm and energy at work.

“He always finds the best ways to teach children so that they can understand the lessons easily. He is ready to help colleagues whatever and whenever he can,” she said.

Teacher Phạm Thị Hồng added: “Working in a remote area with lots of difficulties, we always feel warm and confident thanks to Y Thắng’s support. He is a senior teacher with professional skills and always ready to share his experience with colleagues, especially in training special students.”

Young teacher Lữ Tuấn Anh Kiệt who used to be Y Thắng’s student, said: “He cares for children even the smallest things. His personality had a huge impact on my decision to become a teacher.”

H’ Mai Bkrông, another former student of Y Thắng, added: “Without him, I could not have done what I've done today. Now as we are colleagues, he continues to share his experience and support me in teaching methods, especially educating special students.

“He helps young teachers like me confidently develop professional skills.”

Not only good at professional teaching skills, Y Thắng knows local languages of ethnic minority groups and volunteers to become a translator helping commune officials to communicate with and disseminate State policies and laws.

Responding to all compliments from colleagues and students, Y Thắng said: “That's the mission. I have opportunities to access more knowledge and want to help locals. The merits and achievements are of a group of many other people, not just my own.” — VNS