Hungary to assist Việt Nam in digital transformation

December 02, 2021 - 17:27
The “Digital Success Programme” of the Hungarian Government has proven to be one of Europe’s success stories in digital transformation.
Hungarian Ambassador to Việt Nam Őry Csaba delivering his opening speech at the webinar — Photo from Embassy of Hungary in Việt Nam

HÀ NỘI  — The “Digital Success Programme” of the Hungarian Government has proven to be one of Europe’s success stories in digital transformation, and the Eastern European country is ready to share how they made it with partners such as Việt Nam.

At the online webinar on Hungarian e-governance held on December 2, representatives from Hungary’s Digital Success Nonprofit Ltd. made a presentation on the Digital Success Programme of Hungary, which focuses on six main pillars: Digital strategies of crucial fields; Digital access; Internet; Digital knowledge; Digital Country; and Digital Economy.

“Hungary started a comprehensive reform of the public administration system in 2010, under the so-called Magyary Zoltán Public Administration Development Programme,” said Hungary Ambassador to Việt Nam Őry Csaba in his opening remarks.

 “Since then, digitalisation, e-governance and e-administration have been key areas of development in the public sector, with enormous achievements, and with these achievements, we can help our citizens and provide more convenient and more efficient administrative services.”

One of Hungary’s success stories is in the development of digitalisation projects in rural areas. A programme called Digital Village was established to utilise technology and create a sustainable lifestyle in rural Hungary.

As the pandemic rages on, many people and companies have switched to remote working. The Digital Village programme has helped many employees make the switch.

The programme also created charts and maps with information for people working outside urban areas, such as the distance from the nearest supermarkets or schools, or broadband connections in the area.

Digital Village also established trading communities in rural areas and an e-payment ecosystem with digitalised services. These products have helped eradicate barriers in digitalisation and technology, and solved problems in rural Hungary.

The event comes at a crucial time for Việt Nam, as the Prime Minister has just ratified the “Việt Nam National Digital Transformation Programme of 2025-2030,” which was introduced by the Authority of Information Technology Application.

The programme aims for Việt Nam to become a digitalised nation by 2030, intending to develop e-governance, digital economy and digital society, as well as establishing Việt Nam’s modern and globalised technology firms.

Ambassador Csaba said: “I hope that we can establish strong cooperation in the field of e-governance, and that the solutions presented today will become an integrated part of Việt Nam’s reform.” — VNS