Dan Truong set to excite audiences at Sun Fest concert

June, 24/2022 - 16:34

On the evening of June 25, Sun Fest will continue its journey to conquer Sam Son audiences, with the theme of Bolero music, honouring the sound of folk songs and nostalgia in poignant melodies.

On the evening of June 25, Sun Fest will continue its journey to conquer Sam Son audiences, with the theme of Bolero music, honouring the sound of folk songs and nostalgia in poignant melodies.

Opening the April 30 vacation, the Sun Fest art event sequence opened its 9th music concert with diverse themes and music styles. For each music night, the audience finds their musical colours and is immersed in an emotional journey that few art music concerts can bring.

The “weekly Saturday art rendezvous” of Sam Son residents and tourists has gradually asserted its leading position, attracting thousands.

The International Music concert on June 18 was an “emotional storm” for Sam Son's audience

The 8th Sun Fest music concert on Saturday, June 18, continued to be an “emotional storm” bringing the atmosphere of international music festivals to the audience.

The music concert with the theme “Boulevard to future” recreated a magnificent boulevard right on the Sun Grand Boulevard stage with international music from gentle and melodious to vibrant melodies.

At the beginning of the concert, the singers Layla and Dieu Ngoc Bich Tram brought time travel to the audience when performing immortal songs like “How deep is your love” to modern hits such as “Dance Monkey” and “Versace on the floor.” 

The next performance was a new and exciting audience exchange called “Sun Quest,” which has become an audience favourite.

This week, the artists asked the audience “challenging” questions about Sun Group’s activities in many destinations across the country.

Many attractive gifts from the organisation board were given to talented and lucky spectators, creating beautiful and memorable moments for both artists and participants.

To excite the audience, singers Thao Trang and Dinh Manh Ninh performed familiar international songs and highlighted their musical personalities with “What goes around comes around,” "When you say nothing at all,” and “Cheap thrills.”

The 9th music concert of the Sun Fest has the theme of Bolero music

The 9th concert will take place on June 25 with the theme of Bolero music, a rich folk music genre, telling daily stories with music. Each Bolero song easily enters the hearts of listeners due to its gentle, deep, and lyrical sound.

Promising to create a fever, the following Saturday night will be the appearance of Dan Truong - the V-Biz legendary “male god.”

During his singing career of more than 20 years, Dan Truong has achieved many music awards such as the Green Wave, Golden Apricot Award, Platinum Star, HTV Awards, and the Zing Music Awards.

Prominent names in Bolero music, such as Trung Quang – the winner of the Bolero Idol program - Hong Quyen, and Giang Quynh Nhu, all promise to create a night of lyrical music full of emotions.

Sun Fest is gradually closing the gap between the artists and the audience

Sun Fest has been creating a wave of art every Saturday in Sam Son, Thanh Hoa, with the nature of an outdoor music festival. Through each concert, the gap between the artist and the audience has been gradually eliminated due to the stage design that emphasises friendliness and contains many exciting surprises.

With the constant change in each concert and the serious and thorough investment in art, Sun Fest and the festive event sequence co-organised by Sun Group with the locality will continue contributing to making Sam Son tourism more vibrant, multi-experienced and enjoyable.