President asks Cao Bằng to enhance education and training quality right from the preschool level

June 10, 2024 - 17:43
President Tô Lâm emphasised that improving education and training quality was a very important task, which needed attention right from a child's earliest days.
President Tô Lâm gives direction to Cao Bằng Province. — VNA/VNS Photo Nhan Sáng

CAO BẰNG — President Tô Lâm has stressed how important improving education and training quality is, right from the earliest days of a child's life.

While working with Hà Quảng District in Cao Bằng northern mountainous province, the President said during his life time, late President Hồ Chí Minh always focused on taking care of youth education.

This is also the work that the Party and State neêd to pay attention to, so that all children can go to school and be educated.

Cao Bằng Province and Hà Quảng District should strive to have young children going to school, the President said, and they need to create a suitable and safe entertainment environment for them to do so

President Lâm hoped that the district will continue to maintain political security, social order and safety and patriotism.

He wished the students and children to study well and become good citizens for the Fatherland.

In terms of orienting key tasks for Hà Quảng District, the President noted that economic development must be associated with ensuring national defence and security.

On the other hand, the locality must improve people's lives, so that "no one will be left behind", he said.

He particularly requested special attention and care for the families who had served the nation during the war time and those households who are less well off. President Lâm expressed his joy at witnessing improvements in the lives of local residents with key works and projects bringing positive effects to the locality.

He also appreciated the solidarity and efforts of the provincial Party Committee and authorities in leading and directing while conducting socio-economic goals.

In the working session, leaders of the Hà Quảng District told the President that right from the beginning of the year, the district focused on implementing 16 socio-economic development targets.

It also carried out three national target programmes and removed temporary houses and dilapidated houses, while repairing 820 out of 2,248 old houses.

The district also strives to work on ethnic affairs and thanks to it, local residents’ lives are better.

Regarding education and training, the district currently has 74 schools from preschool to high school and one vocational training centre, of which 26 schools meet national standards.

However, some schools and facilities need to be upgraded, requiring investment resources, including the Pác Bó Kindergarten in Bản Hoong Village, Trường Hà Commune.

Provincial Party Secretary Trần Hồng Minh affirmed that the province would clearly follow President Lâm’s guidance.

To be worthy of the President's affection and concern, the province will continue to lead and direct local political tasks, especially education and training and taking care of the material and spiritual life of the people. — VNS