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Youth Union's activities need to get young people involved in national development

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Youth volunteers from Huế University participate in building rural roads. — VNA/VNS Photo Tường Vi

Nguyễn Anh Tuấn, member of the Party Central Committee, first Secretary of the Hồ Chí Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU) and president of the Vietnam Youth Union, spoke with Nhân Dân (The People) newspaper about the youth union's activities to mark the 90th founding anniversary of the HCYU (March 26)

In the resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, young people are considered the backbone of the country. How should the HCYU, young people and especially young Party members be aware of the roles and responsibilities the Party has entrusted to them?

Young people realise it is necessary to improve themselves and better respond to the requirements in the new era.

The Party Congress highlights the important role of young people, especially the breakthrough in high-quality human resources. It is necessary to have the participation of the entire political system, the sharing and help from the international community to build a prosperous and happy country.

However, young people have to shoulder their mission as enthusiastic, passionate and creative people.

After the 13th National Congress of the Party, the Central Committee of the Youth Union discussed the action plan of the youth to implement the party's resolution. Currently, the action plan is being completed urgently and will be issued very soon in the coming days, including eight major programmes to strongly renew youth activities.

By 2045, young people will be educated for comprehensive development, with bravery, intelligence, self-confidence and readiness for international integration.

What will youth union organisations do to run youth movements in the complicated context of the COVID-19 pandemic?

The organisation is determined to continue to create, renew content and operation modes. Information technology, social networks, and multimedia communication platforms will be strongly applied in capturing and orienting the public opinion, propaganda and education of young people.

In addition, it is necessary to continue implementing movements, programmes and activities to encourage young people to participate in socio-economic development and national defence as well as support youths for comprehensive development.

We build movements and activities that are suitable to the needs, capacities and desires of each group of young people.

To build a movement that can attract the participation of young people, it is necessary to have a typical example or a typical organisation. And especially, it is necessary to strongly and thoroughly apply the advantages of digital technology and digital transformation in gathering the youth and organising movements for young people.

Last year, the National Assembly approved the Youth Law and it took effect from January 1, 2021. This is considered an important step to effectively implement the Party's resolutions and complete policies and laws on youth. What specific plans does the Youth Union have to put the law into practice?

We are determined to focus on directing, disseminating and raising awareness on laws and policies to young people. The annual Youth Month campaign should be effectively implemented to promote the youth's leading role in participating in socio-economic development, national defence and calling on the community to take care of young people.

We will strengthen monitoring the annual implementation of youth law and understanding the needs, aspirations and difficulties of young people in implementing policies and law in localities.

The organisation will also work with the unions at all levels to collect comments on draft legal documents and policies related to the youth annually.

In addition, the Hồ Chí Minh Communist Youth Union will study and propose to the Government and the Prime Minister to approve a number of projects for specific young people, such as talented youths, young entrepreneurs, dialogues with young people and youth volunteers.

What will the organisation do to help young people make good use of the trend of start-ups, innovation, creativity and digital transformation?

Youth movements and activities need to be well organised and meet the needs of young people to attract their participation.

Young people will be equipped with knowledge and skills to be able to do digital transformation, innovation and start-ups.

The network environment brings many opportunities and advantages but there are also many challenges and potential risks. Therefore, the leading role, gathering and orientation of the union are very important. — VNS

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