KURAND, Collaborating With Breweries across Japan, Has Relaunched Its E-Commerce Site in Hong Kong

December 17, 2020 - 05:40
KURAND, Collaborating With Breweries across Japan, Has Relaunched Its E-Commerce Site in Hong Kong

TOKYO, JAPAN - Media OutReach - 17December 2020 - Liquor InnovationCo., Ltd (Head Office: Adachi-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: YasuroOgiwara) has renewed "KURAND Hong Kong", an E-commerce site for"KURAND", a brand operated by Liquor Innovation, to sell originalproducts, mainly Japanese sake, in Hong Kong in collaboration with breweriesall across Japan from December 17, 2020. KURAND aims to become a platform thatconnects breweries with customers around the world by developing and sellingnew sake brands in partnership with breweries all across Japan.

About KURAND E-commerce

KURAND has signed partnership agreements with about 60 breweries acrossJapan and has worked with them to produce about 160 original products. KURANDalso operates its sister stores in Japan, such as KURAND SAKE MARKET, whichspecializes in sake drinking comparisons experiences. With this renewal,customers in Hong Kong can now conveniently purchase KURAND's originalproducts.

KURAND Hong Kong:https://hk.kurand.jp/

We are now based in Hong Kong

Having a Hong Kong base will bring three benefits to users.

1,Lower shipping costs

We used to deliver from Japan, but now we can deliver frominside Hong Kong. The costs are reduced and thus the price will also belowered.

2, Shorter delivery time

The products will be sent out from inside Hong Kong, whichmeans the distance they take to arrive to you is also shorter.

Delivery usually takes 1-3 days from order.

3, Refrigerated items, sparkling and otherwise, will nowbe available for purchase!

Products that require special storage equipment will beavailable to order in the future.

Sake, Fruit wine, wine, shochu, beer, etc., which arepopular on the E-commerce site in Japan, will be available on the E-commercesite in Hong Kong. The lineup will be expanded sequentially.


Full-scale launch of two new services with the renewal.



KURAND CLUB is a membership-based subscription service.


The popular sake subscription service in Japan has nowofficially arrived! Each month, unique sake breweries from all over Japan willdeliver to you their specially brewed sake that can only be found in thatseason at that place.



Japanese sake purchasing service for Hong Kong restaurantsis now in full swing.

Three Advantages of KURAND PARTNERS


1, Special price for restaurants and bars.

2, Receive special coupons on a regular basis

3, Information on special offers and limited timeproducts


About KURAND new products

Anime Sake set

In collaboration with three popular Tatsunoko Productionsanime works. This is an authentic Japanese sake that brings back memories ofthe classic anime during the 70's such as "Yatterman," "TheGenie Family" and "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.


The typical alcohol content of sake is 16-18 degrees, butTEHAJIME is a sake for sake beginners with a low alcohol content of 8 degreesachieved by using a unique brewing method. In online stores in Japan, it is themost popular product among women and the first time sake drinkers.

Meat Lovers Only

This is the world's best sake to go with meat, as recognizedby restaurants specializing in meat dishes. This sake was created incollaboration with "29ON," a high-end, member-only restaurant specializingin pairing low-temperature cooked meat and sake. By using a specialmanufacturing method, it has a complex and delicious flavor that is unbeatablewith any meat.

Liquor Innovation's effort

There are many sake breweries that are technologicallyproficient but have not yet gained market recognition. There are a variety ofreasons for this, such as a decline in domestic consumption of sake, in lack ofstaff to run the family business, and limitations of the industry'sdistribution system. In addition, historic sake breweries are closing down inrecent years. In order to overcome this situation, Liquor Innovation hasadopted a business model called "SPL" (*1), which covers everythingfrom planning and production all the way to distribution and sales. To date, wehave signed partnership agreements with about 60 breweries across Japan andhave produced approximately 160 types of original products with them utilizingour SPL business model.

*The term SPA was used in the apparel industry, referring to a sales modelthat vertically integrates manufacturing to retailing. And SPL was developed bychanging "apparel " to "liquor".


The concept of KURAND is "A constant stream ofwonderful sake encounters". In the   future, we will form partnerships with sake breweries across Japan todevelop and sell original products, mainly sake, through an E-commerce service,with the aim of becoming a platform that connects customers with sake breweriesnationwide. There are sake breweries that do not appear in the market due totraditional distribution limitations, but they are working very hard incrafting their own sake to produce a better product. We collaborate with themfrom the beginning production process to marketing and sales of the products.At KURAND, we value the "story" of each sake brewery and wish todeliver to our customers through our directly managed stores, E-commerceplatform and our partnership restaurants.

About Liquor Innovation

Liquor Innovation Co., Ltd. is a venture company thatoperates in the alcoholic beverage industry with the mission of "creatingnew value in the Japanese alcohol industry". Based on its "SPL"business model, handling the process of distribution, sales and manufacturingwith the breweries.

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