Amanie Shariah Supervisory Board Endorses Walton's Land Investment Product as Shariah-Compliant

September 02, 2020 - 02:23
Amanie Shariah Supervisory Board Endorses Walton's Land Investment Product as Shariah-Compliant

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 2 September 2020 - The Walton Group of Companies ("Walton"), aninternational real estate investment company specializing in providinginnovative land-based real estate products concentrated on major North Americangrowth corridors, announced that its Exit-Focused Land investment has beenendorsed by the Amanie Shariah Supervisory Board ("Amanie") as a Shariah-compliantinvestment product. 


Walton'sexit-focused pre-development land investment provides an innovative solution toU.S. public homebuilders as they move to streamline and optimize their land inventory pipelines.


Waltonidentifies a parcel of pre-development land that a public homebuilder desiresto develop in the near term. Concurrent to property acquisition, Walton entersinto an Exit-Focused Letter of Intent with the builder. This allows the buildera fixed period of time to work on their development plan and to negotiate the termsof a phase-by-phase purchase of the property. Once ready to purchase anddevelop the property, the homebuilder is able to improve their return oncapital by aligning land payments with home sales activity. In turn, investorsbenefit from a diversified stream of income for the duration of the development.By working with the largest public homebuilders and focusing on the fastestgrowing regions in the U.S., Walton is able to offer a unique way for investorsto diversify their portfolios with exposure to the fast-growing U.S. housingmarket.


BillDoherty, Chief Executive Officerof Walton International Group, said: "We are extremely pleasedthat our Exit-Focused Land investment has received the endorsement of Amanie. This is important as our expanding Muslim clientbase can now be reassured that our investment products are Shariah-compliant. Thisendorsement provides an opportunity for Walton to offer our land-based investmentproducts in Islamic Finance centers throughout our regions".


AmanieAdvisors is a leading Shariah advisory firm specializing in Islamic financesolutions covering a wide range of services including Shariah advisory andconsultancy, training and research and development for institutional andcorporate clientele focusing on Islamic financial services. 


Ms. MayaMarissa Malek, CEO of Amanie Advisors said: "We are excited to see thiscommitment from Walton to tailoring its investment structures tocomply with Shariah guidelines. As the Islamic investment industry grows,investors increasingly demand a broader pool of offerings to diversify theirportfolios. Amanie is very pleased to be able to provide clarity on structuresthat satisfy Shariah requirements."

For over 40 years,Walton has researched, planned and structured pre-development land investmentslocated in the major growth corridors throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Working closely with the largest U.S.homebuilders, Walton specialises in providing innovative land-based real estateproducts focused on generating short to medium term US$ income for investors.

About Walton

Walton is a privatelyowned, leading global real estate investment, land asset management andadministration company that has focused on strategically located land in majorgrowth corridors for 40-plus years. The company manages and administers US$3.39billion of real estate assets in North America, on behalf of its investors andbusiness partners. Walton has more than 104,000 acres of land under ownership,management and administration in the United States and Canada. For moreinformation on Walton, its entities and the company's portfolio of assets,visit