Dole Announces its Promises, Bringing Interdependent Prosperity to People and the Planet

June 30, 2020 - 06:42
Dole Announces its Promises, Bringing Interdependent Prosperity to People and the Planet

With 'Sampo Yoshi' at the heart of the Dole mission to make nutrition accessible for 1 billion people, and achieve zero fruit loss, zero fossil-based plastic packaging by 2025, and net zero carbon emissions by 2030.


SINGAPORE - MediaOutReach - 30 June2020 - Dole Asia Fresh, a division of Dole AsiaHoldings Pte. Ltd. announced today "The Dole Promise," with the goal ofcreating an ecosystem of shared value, by ensuring access to nutrition for onebillion people, and achieving zero fruit loss and zero fossil-based plastic packagingby 2025, and net zero carbon emissions in all operations by 2030.


With the 18thcentury Japanese philosophy of 'Sampo Yoshi' as its inspiration, the ambitiouspromise addresses pressing global sustainability challenges brought on by a growingpopulation, climate change and declining natural resources, as well as thedetrimental impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic, which could see 265 millionmore people pushed to the brink of starvation by 2020[1]


The promise is built upon theinterdependent goals of doing business in a way that provides better care forpeople and the planet both for today and for future generations to come, whilealso increasing value and opportunities to all involved along the food andsupply chain.


Elementsof the Dole Promise include:

Better for People:

  • Access to sustainable nutrition for 1 billionpeople by 2025
  • Moving towards Zeroprocessed sugar in all Dole products by 2025

Better for Planet:

  • Moving towards zero fruit loss from Dole farmsto markets by 2025
  • Moving towards zero fossil-based plasticpackaging by 2025
  • Aiming for net zero carbon emissions in Doleoperations by 2030

Better for all Stakeholders:

  • Dole will continue to positively impact allfarmers, communities and people working for Dole -- through its commitment toequal opportunity, living wages, and an ever-increasing level of safety,nutrition, and wellbeing. The company also seeks to advance human rights withinthe direct operations and supply chains by building a culture of transparencyand accountability. The company also aims for a 50% increase in the value of itsbusiness by 2025.


Creating shared value with SampoYoshi

For almost 170 years, Dole'smission has been to deliver high-quality fresh fruit with positive impact based on the interdependencebetween people, planet and prosperity. The promise is inspired by thespirit of 'Sampo Yoshi,' a driving philosophy that views the well-being ofsociety and business as interdependent, and ensures the business is beneficialto the seller, to the buyer and to the society.


"Thetriple-win concept of 'Sampo Yoshi' has been part of Japanese culture forcenturies, and is now at the heart of The Dole Promise as we play our part inhelping to restore balance in the world by doubling down on our mission to putthe health of the planet at the heart of everything we do," said Richard Toman,President Dole Asia, Fresh Division. "It's a promise that Dole is making to dobusiness differently, and to join forces with those who are equally committedto bringing back the goodness of the earth."


The gravity of this shared responsibility is felt in Dole'snewest video, "Dear Leaders of the World," which gives voice to the concern of today's youthabout their generation's future if something doesn't change now.


"As our society begins to fully understand the impacts ofCOVID-19, which has exacerbated the global epidemic of food inequality and puta spotlight on interdependent challenges in the supply chain, we know that thecollective implications we're facing today will have generational repercussionsfor the future if not addressed now," added Mr Toman. "That's why we'redoubling down on our mission of putting the heart of the planet and people atthe center of everything we do."


Additionally,Dole is bringing these commitments inside their company walls, with employeeprograms that educate and encourage all Dole employees to live "The DolePromise."


To see the full details of theDole Promise and the Sunshine for All investment fund visit anddownload the Dole Promise visual here.

About Dole Asia Fresh

Dole Asia Fresh Division, is a subsidiary of Dole Asia Holdings Pte. Ltd.,one of Asia's largest producers and marketers of high-quality fresh fruits andvegetables and a worldwide leader and innovator in the production and marketingof high-quality packaged fruit and healthy snacks