Suncity Group's Subsidiary, Sun Food and Beverage organized a Group of Macau Catering Entrepreneurs to Chengdu for Exchange

November 22, 2019 - 09:53
Suncity Group's Subsidiary, Sun Food and Beverage organized a Group of Macau Catering Entrepreneurs to Chengdu for Exchange

MACAU, CHINA - Media OutReach - 22 November 2019 - Since its establishment, Suncity Group has strived for diversified business development. The Group's subsidiary, Sun Food and Beverage has expanded its business to Mainland China by opening eight restaurants featuring in Southeast Asian cuisine in Chengdu and Chongqing. Sun Food and Beverage was granted 'Executive Member of the Council of the Chengdu City of Gastronomy Association' and 'Director of Group Membership of Sichuan Provincial Hospitality Industrial Association', and is committed to promoting cooperation in catering businesses between Macau and Chengdu.


In order to deepen the culinary and cultural exchanges between these two places, Sun Food and Beverage organized an exchange activity to Chengdu from November 7 to 11. Ms. Candy Chau, Executive Director of Sun Food and Beverage Limited and General Manager, Mr. Ken Cho led a group of Macau catering entrepreneurs, including Ms. Heidi Chan, member of Chengdu Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) ; Mr. Paul Iec, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Seapower Trading Co., Ltd; Mr. Raymond Cheung, Executive Director of G&L Group Ltd.; Mr. Alan Lao, President of Porsche Club of Macau China; Ms. Stella Lei, Managing Director of New Green View Restaurant Management Ltd.; Mr. Hayden Choi, CEO of Chui Siu Choi Food And Beverage Ltd.; Mr. Cheang Kuok Hong, President of Porto Portuguese Restaurant, to have an in-depth exchange with local key departments and peers. Through the visit, it is expected to build a platform for Macau and Chengdu on which they could discuss future cooperation between two places, appealing investors from Hong Kong and Macau, and carrying the essence of Sichuan cuisine back to Macau.


Sun Food and Beverage and the fellows visited Chengdu Commerce Bureau, exchanging the views on the development and business environment of the catering industry in Macau and Chengdu, both of which were recognized as 'City of Gastronomy' by UNESCO. The delegation then visited and inspected the developing areas of Tianfu New Area in Chengdu. With the detailed explanation of the future development planning by Ms. Bai Yan, Director of Business Bureau of Chengdu Management Committee of Tianfu New Area, it strengthens the participants' understanding of national development and planning strategies upon the key economic areas in China, as well as provide a powerful opportunity to get two parties working together in the future. Besides visiting Tianfu New Area, the delegation also visited Sichuan Tourism University, receiving a warm welcome from the President, Mr. Lu Yi, and Mr. Li Xiang, the dean of culinary school. The two parties have had an in-depth exchange and discussion on the catering business in Chengdu and Macau.


In addition, the delegation inspected a number of branded catering enterprises in Chengdu, including the well-known 'Minshan Hotel Chengdu', serving the authentic Sichuan cuisine for the local residents and travelers. The General Manager of Minshan Group, Mr. Nie Xuezhi, introduced the traditional and local Chengdu-style food to the delegation and had a dinner meeting together for in-depth cultural exchanges. Apart from visiting Minshan Hotel Chengdu, the delegation also visited some branded restaurants of Sun Food and Beverage--the two Vietnamese restaurants, 'Danang Vietnamese Cuisine' and 'Đồ ăn vỉa hè Hoi An Danang' , and 'Bangkok Cock', featuring traditional Thai street food. These three restaurants have been highly praised by the locals and have become the top-ranked restaurants in Chengdu. It fully demonstrates the mutual beneficial results of the Chengdu-Macau cooperation in catering business.


Sun Food and Beverage hopes to create more collaborative opportunities for the catering enterprises of Macau and Chengdu through this exchange activity, optimizing the catering business in two places, as well as deepening the Macau catering entrepreneurs' sense of belonging to our motherland. Suncity Group will continue to provide customers with finest and diversified dining experience, in alignment with Macau designated as a 'Creative City of Gastronomy'.


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