EOS Silver (EOS.S) has finished the first batch of pre-sales and investors include Jun Capital Partners

October 02, 2018 - 06:56
EOS Silver (EOS.S) has finished the first batch of pre-sales and investors include Jun Capital Partners

HONG KONG,CHINA - Media OutReach - 28 September 2018 -


Company Introduction

We are a Canadian Company CanadaYan Investment Inc. and company main address is in Suite 200 134 Kent StreetCharlottetown Prince Edward Island C1A 8R8


On August 19, 2018, EOS Silver (eossilver.com) the world's firstsilver-related digital currency investment product held a global conference atthe Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto, Canada . More than 500 people, includingrepresentatives from global innovation companies, active investmentinstitutions, and international rating agencies, participated in the meeting.


How does blockchain serve the realeconomy? The project's silver mines around Canada and North America have morethan 100,000 tons of high-quality silver reserves. In 2013, the mining industrycreated employment opportunities for 689,000 Canadians. In addition, more than65% of the world's mining industry companies are listed on the Toronto StockExchange of Canada or the TSX Venture Exchange. The local government regardsthe mining industry as a key development industry. According to the informationprovided by this conference, the silver project will be put into marketoperation in 2018 end with a conservative valuation of 70 million Canadiandollars.


Founder and Chairman, Dr XiaoleiZhang, Director of Development Department, Gerry Gagnon, Financial Controller,May Chiu, and General manager from HSBC retail bank, Ontario, Canada, DavidKuo, gave speeches on the project. "The market size of physical silver is70,000 trillion US dollars and the market size of cryptocurrency is 0.65trillion US dollars. The integration of physical silver and cryptocurrency makesthe price surge."


The market sizes of physical silver and cryptocurrency are70,000 and 0.65 trillion US dollars respectively. EOS Silver (eossilver.com) effectively integrates thetwo markets

One of the most suitable scenariosfor blockchains, EOS Silver (EOS.S) is backed by production of silver metalfrom selected mines. With its blockchain technology, it helps clients to tracetheir origins, after mining the silver is recorded on the blockchain, issuingdigital currencies to replace physical silver, clients can use digitalcurrencies to exchange anywhere and anytime no matter in exchange orover-the-counter market, thus avoiding the holding costs of physical assets andbringing convenience to the market, hence revolutionizing ecosystem of themining process. EOS Silver provides great opportunities for digital currencytrading, promotes free exchanges in P2P, lowers the barriers for publicparticipation in mining investment, introduces new investment opportunities andallow to exchange to silver in the future.


The good news is that, from theinformation given at this conference, we have seen that EOS Silver (EOS.S), theworld's first silver-related digital currency investment product has become theleader in the mining industry. Some even claimed that EOS.S is synonymous withthe industry. The company wasestablished in June 2012 and has been engaged in the mining industry. Accordingto Dr. Xiaolei Zhang's introduction "EOS.S is determined to build ablockchain-driven silver investment and financing platform. This conference canbe seen as an important result of our active exploration of the combination ofblockchain and real economy."


It is certain that Dr. XiaoleiZhang and his team have brought the industry's first application that combinesthe blockchain technology with the silver mining industry. This is an importantmilestone in the development of blockchain with real economy. Then, how doesEOS Silver (EOS.S) reach its goal and solve the pain points of the industry?


Innovative Business Model

As we all know, in the traditional business model, ordinaryindividual investors rarely have the opportunity to participate in silvermining projects. One reason is the restrictions imposed by government policies.Another cause is the high investment barrier. But now it is easy to participatein the market through EOS Silver (EOS.S). For the development of silver mines,Dr. Xiaolei Zhang and his team discussed in depth the specific conditions ofthe mines, such as their addresses, areas, property rights and other relatedcircumstances, then conducted field visits and determined the locations of themining. After that, they would use the funds raised from the sale of tokens inICO and exchanges to invest in mining shares. The silver mines have obtainedthe required qualifications and certification including proofs of assetownership and all these legal documents are listed on the official website. Formore information, please clickhttps://share.weiyun.com/5ALbVtr. We will open a zone to exchangedigital currencies to physical silver and we temporarily use EOS.S to replacedigital currencies


Dr. Xiaolei Zhang said, "EOS Silver has created a new business model including unlimitedshareholders, exit from exchanges, mining after sale and sale to shareholderafter mining, the currency has unlimited growth potential, value is backed bysilver, bringing green and technology to the mining industry."

Gerry Gagnon believes, "We hope to useblockchain technology which enable transparency and trusted P2P exchanges, hencerevolutionizing the eco-system in silver related businesses, from mining,production management, to exchange and storage."

May Chiu Chartered Accountant believes, "Investors have no need to worry. We run thecompany from June 2012 and has been engaged in the mining industry, the projectis regulated by Canada government and protected by related securities laws."


Rapidly growing EOS Silver (eossilver.com)

It is reported that EOS Silver (EOS.S) has finished thefirst batch of pre-sales, proving the popularity of the silver-related digitalcurrency investment products. Investors and partners include HSBC, Jun CapitalPartners, Jinse, IPFS and other large institutions.

EOS Silver (EOS.S) project wentfast. Since August 15th, the project has been approved by many exchanges. Afterthe completion of the ICO, EOS Silver (EOS.S) will be listed in exchanges,including Labiex.com and Singapore-based Exchange. Given the strength andrecords of the consortium, it is expected to be listed in Binance and otherlarge exchanges in the near future.


Dr. Xiaolei Zhang finally revealedthat a well-known Canadian law firm issued a compliance document to EOS Silver(EOS.S) and determined that EOS Silver (EOS.S) is a token that complies withCanadian regulatory and related securities laws. In the future, they will havea series of financial activities, which are looked forward by many, in Canadaand Hong Kong.