Kitchen Showdown Unveils Exciting Culinary Team-Building Experiences This Festive Season

November 20, 2023 - 09:28
Kitchen Showdown Unveils Exciting Culinary Team-Building Experiences This Festive Season
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 20 November 2023 - Kitchen Showdown, renowned for providing innovative team-building cooking activities, is thrilled to announce two dynamic offerings for the festive season - The Christmas Santa Edition (December 2023) and the Chinese New Year Lou Hei Team Building Special (January 2024). Simultaneously, the brand is also thrilled to introduce its versatile private dining service, catering to a variety of occasions.
Kitchen showdown this festive season
Kitchen showdown this festive season

Festive Culinary Extravaganza: Christmas Santa Edition and Chinese New Year Lou Hei Team Building Special

With the growing demand for unique cooking team-building activities, Kitchen Showdown is gearing up to deliver its upcoming Christmas Santa Edition and Chinese New Year Lou Hei Team Building Special. These are carefully crafted experiences, aimed at enriching teamwork and igniting creativity among participants, especially during the festive season. During these sessions, participants will delve into the art of preparing festive dishes, from the intricate details of Christmas salads, herb-roasted chicken, and Gingerbread cookies in the Santa Edition to mastering traditional Chinese New Year delicacies in the Lou Hei Special. The venue is set to undergo a magical transformation, adorned with thematic decorations, creating an immersive atmosphere that truly captures the essence of each festival.
The Christmas Santa Edition will run from 1 December 2023 to 31 December 2023, while the Chinese New Year Lou Hei Edition will take place from 2 January to 15 February 2024. These festive team-building activities are ideal for corporate teams seeking unique and engaging ways to celebrate the holiday season. "At Kitchen Showdown, we understand the transformative power of shared culinary experiences. Our festive editions offer more than just cooking - they provide a platform for teams to bond, learn, and grow together," emphasised by Ian Lai, Event Planner at Kitchen Showdown.
Kitchen Showdown’s Private Dining Service: A Gastronomic Experience

In addition to its festive offerings, Kitchen Showdown also offers private dining services designed to cater to diverse events, ensuring that every gathering is elevated to a memorable gastronomic affair. Whether it's an intimate friend gathering, a heartfelt ROM ceremony, or a sophisticated client appreciation event, Kitchen Showdown's private dining service offers an unparalleled level of sophistication and exclusivity.
Diners can expect the following:
  • Customisation: Personalised menu creation based on individual preferences.
  • Intimacy: Exclusive private dining experience for small groups, ideal for weddings, corporate meetings, and special events.
  • Convenience: Seamlessly extend corporate cooking class experiences with a luxurious dinner, all under one roof.
  • Expertise: Mouth-watering delights prepared by Kitchen Showdown’s skilled chefs for a memorable dining affair.
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Founded in 2015, Kitchen Showdown is one of the leading culinary team-building providers in Singapore. Blending together the concept of "The Power of Play'' with culinary challenges to bring people together, Kitchen Showdown harnesses the spirit of team building and collectiveness through a range of programmes that extend beyond cooking. With a passion for gastronomy, Kitchen Showdown delivers innovative team-building events and private dining services, ensuring unforgettable culinary adventures for businesses and individuals alike.