Pursuing Excellence: Taiwan’s Academia Sinica Provides Fully-Funded Ph.D. Opportunities in 13 Advanced Disciplines through TIGP Program

November 07, 2023 - 10:39
Pursuing Excellence: Taiwan’s Academia Sinica Provides Fully-Funded Ph.D. Opportunities in 13 Advanced Disciplines through TIGP Program
TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 7 November 2023 - Applications for the 2024 Fall semester for Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) of Academia Sinica. The online application is open from 1st November 2023 to 1st February 2024 (GMT+8).
Academia Sinica is the preeminent research institution in Taiwan. Its TIGP provides 13 interdisciplinary programs ranging from mathematical and physical sciences, life sciences to the humanities and social sciences. The all-English Ph.D. Program cooperates closely with Taiwan's leading universities and provides superior scientific training courses. It is aimed to attract the top talents from around the world with ambition to grow personally and professionally.
TIGP offers competitive financial support for its students. All admitted students enjoy a monthly stipend of NTD 40,000 (about USD 1,200) for the first year. For those who perform well, this stipend will be extended to the 2nd and the 3rd year. In subsequent years, financial support will come from the thesis advisor. Besides, full-time TIGP doctorate candidates or students who have passed their qualifying exams with distinction are eligible to apply for the TIGP Research Performance Fellowship. Awardees can receive an additional NTD 6,000 per month for one year.
Through Academia Sinica's substantial connections with first-rate institutions worldwide, TIGP can make arrangements for students to visit and conduct research in renowned laboratories around the globe. The yearly Travel Grant Award of TIGP encourages students to join important global symposiums. Other international exposure opportunities include attending seminars abroad, doing short-term research projects abroad, and participating in international meetings such as Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. Academia Sinica also invites distinguished scholars, entrepreneurial masters and Nobel Laureates to visit the campus and share their unique stories on achieving success in their respective fields.
To facilitate first-year students' quicker adaptation to the local environments, TIGP provides free-of-charge Mandarin language courses at the entry-level and a convenient and affordable fully-furnished dormitory. All the students of TIGP will find their experiences at Academia Sinica and in Taiwan not only personally rewarding but also culturally enriching.
Application is free of charge through TIGP online system. For any questions, please visit the TIGP official website or contact Ms. Huan-Yi Shen with the TIGP Admission Office at tigp@gate.sinica.edu.tw.
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About TIGP

Started in 2002, TIGP is a joint-effort between Academia Sinica and leading universities in Taiwan. It integrates first-class facilities with outstanding faculty to offer interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs across a wide range of disciplines. All courses are conducted in English. After completing the graduation requirements, students receive certificates from Academia Sinica and degrees from the partner universities. TIGP also periodically accepts applications for

, a funded program which provides an opportunity for young talents to experience Academia Sinica's research environment.
In cooperation with 10 top domestic universities, the 13 interdisciplinary programs of TIGP are as follows:

  1. Chemical Biology and Molecular Biophysics
  2. Molecular Science and Technology
  3. Molecular and Biological Agricultural Sciences
  4. Bioinformatics
  5. Molecular and Cell Biology
  6. Nano Science and Technology
  7. Molecular Medicine
  8. Earth System Science
  9. Biodiversity
  10. Interdisciplinary Neuroscience
  11. Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology
  12. Social Networks and Human-Centered Computing
  13. Artificial Intelligence of Things
TIGP is a genuinely international community with over 579 students from 47 countries. To date, more than 769 students have completed TIGP's rigorous requirements and obtained Ph.D. degrees. In the past years, TIGP students have published more than 2,349 research papers in top scholarly journals; many alumni have taken up teaching or research positions in world-renowned universities and academic institutions. TIGP graduates also proved themselves qualified to contribute their expertise to the industry. Many of them are now working in internationally well-known companies such as Samsung and TSMC.
Academia Sinica has recently launched its as a biotech industry corridor linking Taiwan to the global market. Right next to the campus of TIGP, the Park should shortly become a bridging platform of multidisciplinary research collaboration and occupational opportunities for the students.

Academia Sinica - laying foundations for discovery

As the leading government-funded research institute in Taiwan, Academia Sinica has spearheaded numerous fundamental and interdisciplinary research initiatives to address diverse challenges in Taiwan and beyond. Its key objectives, outlined by President James Liao, are to achieve global recognition, fulfil social responsibilities, and attract and cultivate top talent. These objectives are embedded in the diverse research programmes at AS, spanning life sciences, mathematics and physical sciences, as well as the humanities and social sciences.