Kingdee Digital Transformation and Innovation Summit 2023. Embracing the Digital Age through Data-driven Collaboration.

June 09, 2023 - 12:42
Kingdee Digital Transformation and Innovation Summit 2023. Embracing the Digital Age through Data-driven Collaboration.
HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 9 June 2023 - The "Kingdee Digital Transformation and Innovation Summit 2023" was successfully held at the Mira Hotel on June 7th. This summit was an important forum organized by Kingdee Hong Kong on the topic of digital transformation, and it was also the first large-scale event held after the Covid-19 epidemic. The forum shared the latest achievements, practical experiences, and cutting-edge explorations in cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence with the industry. It also discussed development issues such as how to use technological power to expand into the China market in the Greater Bay Area. The summit invited more than 20 industry experts, chamber of commerce partners, and corporate executives to share the latest trends, technologies, and practical cases of digital transformation, attracting over 300 experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and administrative personnel from different industries to participate, providing a platform for communication and learning.
Opening Ceremony: Embracing the Digital Age through Data-driven Collaboration
Opening Ceremony: Embracing the Digital Age through Data-driven Collaboration

In the opening speech at the Kingdee Digital Transformation Summit 2023, Zhang Yong, the President of Kingdee China, stated that in recent years, there have been many changes in the business environment, people's consumption habits, and work styles in Hong Kong and around the world. Along with new technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, mobile applications, AI, etc., disruptive changes have also emerged in various industries' business models. In this context, digital transformation has become a necessary element and strategic driving force for enterprises' sustainable development. How to build digital economic capabilities to enhance innovation, resilience, and competitiveness has become a crucial question for enterprises today.
Zhang Yong, the President of Kingdee China
Zhang Yong, the President of Kingdee China

"In the field of digitalization, Kingdee, as a leading cloud service provider in China, initiated its cloud transformation strategy as early as 2012, pioneering the cloud-based and digitalized enterprise management application in China to help enterprises take the first step in digital transformation," Zhang Yong mentioned. He also stated that Kingdee sees Hong Kong as a bridgehead for internationalization, and it is their responsibility to help Chinese companies go global, assist Hong Kong companies with cross-border integration, and support foreign companies' entry into China by providing digital solutions based on cloud technology for customers. Today, Kingdee has provided services to over 3,000 large-scale enterprises in Hong Kong, including influential companies like Sun Hung Kai, Nan Fung, CLP Power, CCBI, CMB International, and Parsons Music.
Subsequently, Mr. Zhang Yong led various experts, association leaders, and partner company executives in a simple yet grand opening ceremony. The theme "Embracing the Digital Age through Data-driven Collaboration" signifies that in the era of digital transformation, Kingdee and its partners work together to innovate and promote digital transformation. Through the analysis and application of data, enterprises can better predict future trends and challenges, enhance innovation and competitiveness, and achieve business upgrades and transformations.

In the following sessions of the summit, guests shared their enterprise strategic development and digital transformation development models, constructing new engines for sustained enterprise growth, and how Kingdee helps enterprises achieve business model innovation through digital transformation. Through practical cases, Kingdee demonstrated how it assists customers in achieving digital transformation.
In a rapidly changing era, how to explore new development opportunities through digital means and maintain a competitive advantage is one of the most important topics for entrepreneurs. In the roundtable panel discussion, guests engaged in lively discussions around this topic. They collectively explored strategies and practices for expanding business in the Greater Bay Area and Chinese market, as well as how to seize new opportunities and achieve higher-quality development for enterprises.
With 30 years of development, as the "Chain Master" enterprise of enterprise management cloud services, Kingdee has accumulated strong technical strength and has reached an international level of technology. It has helped over 7.4 million enterprises build a new generation of Enterprise Business Capability (EBC). In the future, Kingdee will continue to help more enterprises build an assembly-ready complete business digitalization system, insisting on better products, better ecology, better delivery, better service, and better reputation. Together with Hong Kong enterprises, Kingdee will achieve resilient transformation and upgrading through digitalization, promoting the growth and development of more Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area, and Chinese enterprises.
Kingdee Ranks First in aPaaS in China and Top Ten Globally for Three Consecutive Years

Recently, Gartner, a global authoritative information technology research and consulting company, released the “Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2022" report. The report pointed out that in the High Productivity aPaaS field, Kingdee won the championship in the Chinese market with a market share of 24.2%, winning the first place in China for three consecutive years and ranking among the top ten in global aPaaS market share! This achievement once again highlights Kingdee's leading position, and Kingdee has become a well-deserved leading brand in the Chinese enterprise-level aPaaS market.
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