JustCo champions Small and Medium-sized Enterprise pivot to hybrid work

April 19, 2023 - 02:44
JustCo champions Small and Medium-sized Enterprise pivot to hybrid work

Newly-released SME’s Guide to Building Employee Engagement, Productivity and Business Profitability outlines strategies for creating happier and more productive work environments

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 19 April 2023 - Businesses are increasingly turning to flexible workspace solutions to help drive employee engagement, productivity and profitability. JustCo is at the forefront of this trend, helping SMEs create workspaces that support different working styles and promote collaboration.

Hybrid work models are strongly corelated with healthy employee engagement and better business performance, recent research shows. For example, a Nov 2022 study conducted by Accenture found that 68% of high-growth organisations employ productivity-anywhere workforces.
"Flexible, hybrid work is proven to boost employee engagement and productivity," says Michelle Lee, Managing Director and Chief People Officer, JustCo. "Having a coworking office arrangement helps employers to achieve the flexibility and autonomy their teams crave."
In its newly-published SME's Guide to Building Employee Engagement, Productivity and Business Profitability, JustCo has identified four key strategies to cultivate strong employee engagement in the workplace:
First, having offices designed to support the different ways employees work—from private booths for focused, quiet work to breakout spaces for group projects—can greatly enhance employees' sense of freedom and ownership over their work.
Second, setting teams up for effective remote collaboration with technology such as video conferencing tools can help bridge any physical gaps between colleagues and collaborators.
Third, tapping into biophilic design elements like natural light, greenery and open spaces can help employees feel more rejuvenated at work.
Finally, providing ample opportunities for employees to socialise outside of their usual tasks—such as team lunches or outings—can also go a long way towards fostering strong relationships within the company.
With deep experience and expertise in providing flexible workspaces for individuals, SMEs and large enterprises across Asia Pacific, JustCo can help businesses to adopt highly-adaptable and scalable offices designed to meet the demands of the modern hybrid workforce. For example, JustCo recently launched a SuperPass that enables member companies to accommodate more employees to utilise their coworking centres than the allocation determined by the size of their office membership.
Market research consultancy Axanteus Research already adopts a hybrid work model at the JustCo centre at The Centrepoint in Singapore. Axanteus Research's Executive Director, Arthur Cheong, shares, "We've been practicing hybrid work for more than 3 years now, and coworking at JustCo really propels that. Since we enjoy coworking access to all of JustCo's locations, we can be flexible with where we conduct meetings. This just makes life easier for our team. We're exploring the SuperPass to help us scale further without getting locked into office overheads."
With remote work moving from privilege to necessity, employers want to be more competitive and productive by emphasising flexibility of workspace, work time and work technology. Lee explains, "Increasingly, our members cite this as the reason they move to and stay with a coworking provider. JustCo offers companies a strong foundation and easy opportunity to pivot to a hybrid work model, and this shows up in the number of times our members ask us about our SuperPass solution as well as how they can rightsize with us."
SMEs looking for a workspace to enable their hybrid work model may reach out to JustCo to set up a tour of their preferred centre with a JustCo hybrid workspace expert.
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