Vertica and KMS Solutions tap into the $90B Data and Analytics Market in APAC

November 01, 2022 - 02:35
Vertica and KMS Solutions tap into the $90B Data and Analytics Market in APAC
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 1 November 2022 - From the report of GlobalData, the APAC Data and Analytics market is set to reach US89.6 billion in 2022, showing the potential of this industry. The rising demands for analytical database software in the APAC market have generated the potential playground for both local and global data analytics corporations.
By participating in this playground, Vertica - a leading analytics data warehouse that can help enterprises handle an enormous amount of information in real-time, derive greater predictive analytics and improve data quality with Unified Analytics Platform. This solution combines the power of a high-performance MPP query engine with advanced analytics and machine learning to provide corporations with actionable analytical insights quickly and fit for purpose. In addition, Vertica has brought data analytics solutions to 1000+ corporations across all industries, such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, etc.
To adapt to differences in culture, laws, and regulations, as well as customize data analytics solutions that suit the specific requirements of local businesses, Vertica trusted KMS Solutions - a regional software consulting firm with 13 years of experience in this industry with solid footprint in Vietnam.
KMS Solutions has long been recognized as a trusted partner in providing tailored analytical solutions to global organizations. The company has offered various data analytics services, including Data as-a-service, Data warehouse, Customer data platform, and Data Migration, to help clients make insightful operational decisions. KMS clearly understands the obstacles and opportunities of the APAC market, as well as the specific requirements of local enterprises for data analytics services
“It’ll be challenging for a company to deal with data proliferation itself. With a common goal of assisting businesses in collecting data quickly, exploring data interactively, and making data-driven decisions, we’re committed to providing actionable insights at scale through the high-performance process of machine learning and advanced analytics,“ said Damien Velly, ES&A Director of KMS Solutions.
This solution help remove scale, performance, and capacity constraints and lets corporations leverage multiple deployment options to suit their specific needs. From that, corporations can take advantage of useful insights to improve customer experience and increase business performance.
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