Data-Driven SEO Company, Miron Digital Reveals Digital Marketing Channel with Highest ROI

February 14, 2022 - 05:34
Data-Driven SEO Company, Miron Digital Reveals Digital Marketing Channel with Highest ROI

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 14 February 2022 - Renowned SEO Agency with 5-star Google's review, Miron Digital has recently revealed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the digital marketing channel with highest return-on-investment (ROI). Owing from several years of experience with past clients who have seen positive results, the agency establishes this new data finding as strong evidence.

Explaining why SEO is suitable for most businesses as one with the most ROI, the SEO agency points out that most consumers head to search engines such as Google and Bing for product & service research before purchasing. This means that if a business ranks well on prominent search engine results, the chances of converting leads to sales are likely higher than businesses who do not adopt SEO.

Due to the fact that Google is the most popular worldwide search engine, SEO helps business owners to constantly stay visible. With SEO, businesses can appear in front of their target audience and maximize their brand's visibility. This in turn helps to increase organic traffic to their business' website, improves brand awareness, and lead generation which can eventually lead to conversion and sales.


Miron Digital is able to give marketing information such as this because they are a data-driven SEO & SEM digital marketing agency in Singapore that specializes in driving profitable organic and paid traffic. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic impacting many small and medium sized businesses in Singapore, Miron Digital has seen a rise in business owners turning to SEO as a key marketing channel to brace through this difficult period.


In some cases, clients have attempted on SEO's processes on their own in order to save marketing costs. Usually, it has been observed that results were not optimal, and some have even seen a drastic drop in their keywords' rankings in the search engines. With these keywords rankings decline, the organic traffic will likely decrease, losing their search visibility eventually.


To solve this, Miron Digital also advocates the importance of education on the processes of SEO. With a strong focus on SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Miron Digital has helped its past clients achieved their business goals in the digital space. The digital marketing agency have worked with brands from a wide range of industries such as fitness, education, engineering, security, and more.


"We usually see our clients trying to perform SEO on their own without the help of a professional prior to engaging us. The problem with this is that some areas, for example the technical SEO aspect, may be neglected or not done according to the search engine's guidelines. Also, they usually expect to see results in a very short amount of time, which is not how the search engine's algorithm works. Eventually, they give up and start looking for professional help", explained Mr Chris Cheng, lead SEO expert & strategist at Miron Digital.


According to Clarence, Co-Founder of Integral Learning Academy, "We have worked with Miron Digital to start optimising our website as we needed organic traction. Our business has since benefitted greatly from the SEO campaign that Chris managed for us. Not to mention, his report is very detailed yet clear for us to understand easily. My partner and I learnt a lot from him as he like to give us useful advice in approaching digital marketing."


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About Miron Digital

Miron Digital Pte Ltd is a digital marketing agency based in Singapore, specializing in driving profitable organic & paid traffic. Through years of experience, Miron Digital developed processes that have helped many of its clients reach their goals. By carefully analyzing its clients' brand and business profile, Miron Digital focuses on designing custom tailored marketing strategy that has been proven to achieve success.

Miron Digital works around the clock to ensure that with each task done, clients' campaign advances, gaining top visibility and ranking authority. The SEO Agency prides in the quality of their work with 5-star rating customer reviews.

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