WNFT - Hong Kong's First Full Range NFT Service Provider Supporting Artists and Investors to Create Values

December 06, 2021 - 09:32
WNFT - Hong Kong's First Full Range NFT Service Provider Supporting Artists and Investors to Create Values

"Tai Chi" Lead Vocal Mr. Patrick Lui - Cross Generation NFT

Sold Out Quickly in 5 minutes on The Pre-Sale Website

Warrant Holders Pushed up The Prices 210-fold

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 6 December 2021 - As the NFT (non-fungible tokens) hype cascades worldwide, local band Tai Chi's vocalist Patrick Lui has ridden on the wave to create his first-ever NFT collection with the support by WNFT Agency, a specialist in Crypto Art production and NFT minting. The collection tokenized 38 pieces of Lui's works which have been presented in his 38 years music career. They include the Shure SM58 microphone used in a concert, costumes of the band's anniversary concert and motion images. The NFT creation is aimed to pass on the legacy of local Rock'N Roll music.


The first batch of Patrick's NFT collection was auctioned on 3rd December 2021 at the bottom price of ETH 0.0038. All tokens were sold out in 5 minutes on the world's largest NFT marketplace Opensea. The price of auction items No. 6, 8, 9, 13, 17, 21 and 33 has been pushed up by 78 folds (equivalent to ~ETH 0.3, or HKD10,324) while items No. 19 and No. 38 had a 210-folded increase in price (equivalent to ~ETH 0.8, or HKD27,530). Upon receiving the good news, Patrick Lui expressed his appreciation,"The results are so encouraging. I'd like to thank WNFT for its genuine support for artists and for helping me to enter the NFT world. Indeed, this is a shot in the arm for both the art and culture community and the token community."


Thanks to WNFT's support, Patrick is having his second batch of NFT works in the pipeline, continuing to pay tribute to local popular music culture. 


Patrick Lui NFT Collection: https://opensea.io/collection/patricklui2021

An Arts Collaborative Platform – Bringing together Yip Yiu Chung, Snow Chung and Patrick Lui to Work on NFT


Further to the success of Patrick's NFT debut, WNFT Agency is working with local famous musician Yip Siu Chung and sand drawing artist Snow Chung to produce their NFT collection, which will make the agency's portfolio much more diversified.


Arts has no boundaries. The WNFT team has high hopes for the outlook of the growing collaborative platform. The team has been supporting artists to create their personal NFTs while exploring possibilities of collaboration with professionals from various areas. As a facilitator, WNFT has connected Yip Siu Chung, Snow Chung and Patrick Lui to co-create a NFT collection, which will be an unprecedented, cross-sector collaboration, as well as a big event in the arts and culture arena in 2022. 


WNFT: Providing One-Stop NFT Service & Exclusive Solution for Artists

WNFT is dedicated to nurturing a culture which embraces the NFTs and the development of arts & culture in Hong Kong, and taking advantage of blockchain technology to create NFT projects for both individuals and companies. The tokenization of artwork contents and the information of corresponding creators and collectors makes each NFT unique, irreplaceable and intellectual property rights protected. Apart from NFT minting, WNFT Agency offers a full range of services from shelving, management to legal service.  It also serves as a business consultant for artists, giving necessary support such as market analysis and devising development roadmap, with an aim to help artists harness the market of digitalization, enhance their publicity, profile and personal brand values in the art market.  It is WNFT's mission to create more opportunities and to inspire.


A Cross-Disciplinary Team with Well Recgonized Expertise and Strength

NFT involves processes of minting, release, promotion and marketing & sales, which are undertaken by professionals with expertise in design, Fintech, law, brand marketing and more.  At WNFT, CEO Samuel Cheung leads a full-fledged team consisting of heavy-weighted professionals and experts from the related fields, supported by a high caliber legal service unit. All members are committed to optimizing service delivery as well as the benefits to be brought to the artists they work with.


NFT is not just about minting tokens, but an effort to develop a sustainable brand for an artist in the NFT world. Sonny Ng, NFT Creative Expert at WNFT, tells a successful brand story of his digital art creation– Sonny's R Studio HK, in partnership with Hanson Robotics, produced Sophia Facing the Singularities, in which robotic technology and AI are applied to integrate physical artwork and digital artwork into a NFT. The internationally recognized artwork, meant to explore the meaning of consciousness and life in natural history, was sold for HKD 5 million (base price HKD 3.8 millions) at Sotheby's Hong Kong Contemporary Art Day Sale in October this year. 


With the view to encourage more artists to break the convention and enter the era of digitalization, WNFT will earmark 10 percent of its revenue for injection of an Arts & Culture Development Fund to nurture a culture embracing blockchain-based tokenization of art and the art & cultural development in Hong Kong. Furthermore, the WNFT will grab the untapped opportunity to develop NFT games. It is planning to concentrate its efforts and resources on the NFT gamification of personal growth programs in the coming year. Its goal is to get connected with Metaverse in three years, leading Hong Kong to move forwards in the thriving virtual space.


About WNFT Agency

WNFT Agency is a fast-growing NFT casting platform, co-created and operated by a full-fledged professional team with a wealth of experience and expertise in design, branding, laws and Fintech. It takes advantage of blockchain technology, along with strategic digital marketing strategy to provide one-stop NFT services ranging from minting, shelving, promotion, sales, to management. WNFT's vision is to go on Metaverse, leading Hong Kong's art community to embrace the virtual space with unlimited possibilities.

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