The public beta phase of Meteorite is about to start

November 24, 2021 - 11:19
The public beta phase of Meteorite is about to start

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 24 November 2021 - Meteorite, a decentralized quantitative strategy platform, has announced that it would soon begin public testing. Decentralization is one of the core concepts of blockchain. With the advent of blockchain technology, more and more decentralized platforms are emerging, but quantitative strategy platforms are very rare. Meteorite is a platform for quantitative strategies based on blockchain technology.


When blockchain is integrated into quantitative trading, a large number of interactions, whether by users, strategists or the platform itself, will be defined by smart contracts, and all transactions will find an imprint on the blockchain, making it more open and transparent.


According to the roadmap, Meteorite will open for global public beta on November 30. Qualification for this public beta will be in the form of a whitelist.


Method for inclusion in the whitelist:

  • Top 1000 winners of Meteorite's global mission activities, event link:
  • Meteorite social media contributors, such as Discord OG identity, Telegram group volunteers and administrators from different countries.
  • All early-stage investment institutions will also receive a certain number of whitelist quotas separately


List of early-stage investment institutions:

BAF CAPITAL, DIBI Fund, ALPHAHASH, 99X CAPTIAL, DeepQuant Labs, AsyncVision Capital, Phoenix CAPTIAL, ChainKey Ventures, HASH FREE, ROCKET CAPITAL, IMG Fund, DGIC Ventures, PrimeBlock Capital, WWCA, ELCC CAPITAL, NORTH AMERICA BUSINESS PROGRESSIVE ASSOCIATION, NewByte Ventures, Z9 Capital


The public beta whitelist and tutorial will be released prior to the launch of the public beta. Users who qualify for the public beta whitelist will receive MTE airdrop rewards, provided they follow the tutorial to participate in the test interaction.