Italian model finds fame from Vietnamese reality show

March, 31/2022 - 08:38

Italian model Elia Marchetti hit the headlines when he appeared on the popular reality show, Quý Ông Hoàn Mỹ (The Next Gentleman).

Elia Marchetti during the train fashion show challenge in episode two. — Photo courtesy of Quý Ông Hoàn Mỹ show

Bảo Ngọc

Italian model Elia Marchetti hit the headlines when he appeared on the popular reality show, Quý Ông Hoàn Mỹ (The Next Gentleman).

He was the first ever none-Vietnamese to feature in the programme, which looks for talented men and puts them through a series of challenges and tests.

He decided to apply to appear in the show because of his passion for fashion.

“I personally work as a brand ambassador, but I am also involving myself into fashion and modelling," he said.

"Later, I got to know about The Next Gentleman and this has been the best chance for me.”

The 30-year-old model said that he hoped he brought his Italian charm, positive energy and passion to the show.

Elia made it through the first three episodes but was eliminated in round four. However there’s a good chance he could be back on screen as one contestant can return depending on a public vote.

He is keeping tight-lipped about his chances of returning, but away from the catwalk, he’s loving life in Việt Nam.

He hails from Grosseto, a city in the central Italian region of Tuscany, and now is living in HCM City.

Elia revealed that his journey in Việt Nam started with an unexpected phone call.

“I decided to come to Việt Nam after getting a call from an F&B specialist that asked me to work at the highest sky bar in Việt Nam, which was then named SOHY,” he said.

He has now lived in Việt Nam for four years and and fell in love with this country after traveling to many cities and provinces.

“From the weather to the cosy feel of the cities that I’ve experienced since day one, I then fell in love with the people that on a daily basis I meet and got to know,” he said.

Elia also makes videos about life and work in Việt Nam, and receives thousands of compliments on Facebook.

He admitted that he is a family oriented person, and would like to fulfil his highest expectations of life and become the best he can be.

"I want to be happy and also make the people around me happy," he said.

Elia's performance in the golf challenge. — Photo courtesy of Quý Ông Hoàn Mỹ show
Elia (right), with supermodel Hà Anh and other contestants. — Photo courtesy of Quý Ông Hoàn Mỹ show

Besides modelling, Elia is also an amateur actor and a talented bartender. The 30-year-old owns countless Vietnamese and international bartending championship awards. He received many invitations to be a guest bartender and judge of bartending competitions in Việt Nam.

He also starred in the music video “Talk To Me” by singer Chi Pu.

“Chi Pu's team came to my workplace and invited me to shoot a short video clip, so I agreed," he said.

"To be honest, I had just arrived in Hà Nội at that time and didn't even know who Chi Pu was. I was very surprised when I realised that she is a very famous singer in Việt Nam, and up to now that MV has more than 21 million views."

Elia in a fashion photo taken recently. — Photo courtesy of the model

After the tough challenges of The Next Gentleman, he and the fellow contestants are good friends.

"I didn't have many friends in Việt Nam before, but after participating in the show, the team members are like my brothers, and I really appreciate that," he said.

He also shared that he has changed his style to be more diverse to be able to work in the fashion field in Việt Nam.

As a result, Elia received a lot of attention through a number of photo collections.

“Compared to the markets that I’ve known till now, the fashion industry here is continuous and only seasonal, the applications are really oriented to the locals taste and needs. That’s why here I work on many different styles and levels from fancy street wear to affordable and high fashion,” he said.

Talking about future plans, Elia said he don't want to jinx it so he won't give much away, but he loves movies and hopes to act more roles in the future. VNS