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5 places in Hà Nội you can order cream cheese garlic bread while social distancing

Update: April, 05/2020 - 16:51

by Khánh Dương

Is your favourite coffee shop closed? The restaurant you love to eat at shut right now? Don’t worry too much, we have option for you. The latest food trend sweeping Hà Nội is cream cheese garlic bread with butter. Tried it? You should. Here is a list of places that deliver this South Korean tasty treat.

1.Kitchen La Fleur

A cream cheese garlic bread at Kitchen La Fleur. Photo: Kitchen La Fleur Facebook page

The homemade buns are quite large and bursting with cream cheese filling. Granted they are a little more pricey than other places, but you won’t be complaining after your first bite! But if you want to make sure to snag your bun, book ahead. They are very popular.

Kitchen La Fleur has two shipping shifts per day at 2pm and 5.30pm and closes on Sunday.

Price: VNĐ100,000 (US$4.4) per bun.


2.Phương Min-5 Hàng Mắm

Phương Min offers a combo of 3 mini buns. Photo: Hoàng Mai Phương Facebook page

The owner of the online cake bakery is a young woman famous for Vietnamese savoury salted egg sponge or (bông lan trứng muối).

The shop offers two options - large buns and a combo of three small sized buns.

Price: VNĐ60,000 ($2.6) for a big-sized bun; VNĐ70,000 ($3) for a combo on Now Delivery.


3.Susi’s cake-No 73, Văn Chương 2 Alley/ No 76 Duy Tân Alley

A piece of cream cheese garlic bread at Sushi's Cake. Photo: Sushi's Cake Facebook page

Another choice if you want to try homemade buns. The shop gives customers free chewing gums for fresh breath after stuffing yourself with all that beautifful garlic.

Price: VNĐ75,000 ($3.2) per bun


4.Madame Hương-39 Lý Thường Kiệt

Freshly baked cream cheese garlic breads at Madame Huong Bakery. Photo: Madame Huong Facebook page

Already a famous dessert chef in Hà Nội, Madame Hương has followed the cream cheese bun trend. Her garlic bread is perfect for those who want to try small-sized snack at a cheap price.

Price: VNĐ35,000 ($1.5) per bun


5.Pan Pacific Hanoi, No 1 Thanh Niên Road

Cream cheese garlic breads at Pan Pacific Hanoi. Photo: Pan Pacific Hanoi Facebook page

The buns are ready for delivery and pick-up at the hotel’s pastry corner in the lobby on the first floor. The hotel chefs call it ‘cheesy lava garlic butter buns’. Street food made by hotel’s chefs, why not?

Price: VNĐ55,000 ($2.4) per bun

5 things you should know about the dish:

∙It is a South Korean-style famous street food.

∙To easily fill the cream cheese inside, the buns are cut into six parts, which makes them easier to be recognised among many types of bread.

∙After the cream cheese filling is added into the buns, there are two ways to make the butter to absorb into them: dip the bread into butter-garlic-basil mixture or rub the mixture around it.

∙Garlic and parsley or basil flakes are put on top for decoration and enhancing the buns’ taste.

∙How to taste: Try a small bite and feel the smooth cheesy cream and soft bread melt in your mouth. — VNS


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