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Cooling off by Giang Điền waterfalls

Update: June, 23/2018 - 09:00
A suspension bridge at the site. VNS Photo Thái Hà
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Giang Điền Waterfalls, located 40km to the east of Hồ Chí Minh City, is an eco-tourism site where people can enjoy nature and avoid the heat and pollution of the city.

The 67ha site in Đồng Nai Province boasts forests and natural waterways. The three waterfalls are named Chàng, Nàng and Giang Điền (the biggest one).
Elders in the area say it used to be home to the Mạ ethnic group. Legend has it that a couple who were not allowed to marry committed suicide together, and two streams sprung up and created Chàng and Nàng.
City dwellers often head to the site for a camping weekend.
The waterfalls are clear in the dry season only, but turn red with silt during the rainy season. VNS
Tribal objects of local groups. VNS Photo Thái Hà
There are shelters for picnic-goers to take refuge during the day. VNS Photo Thái Hà
Stunning: The spectacular waterfalls. VNS Photo Thái Hà
Eye-catching: Various installations for people to take photos of. VNS Photo Thái Hà
The water is clear in the dry season. VNS Photo Thái Hà
The site is an ideal picnic site for city dwellers. VNS Photo Thái Hà

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