Lost on Lý Sơn Island

April 07, 2018 - 08:00

Lý Sơn Island District is a must visit spot for anyone looking for sun, sea and sand - or a little garlic.

Nets Ready: Fishermen preparing to go offshore at Sa Kỳ Port. VNS Photos Thái Hà
Viet Nam News

QUẢNG NGÃI — Lý Sơn Island District in the central province of Quảng Ngãi consists of three islands: Đảo Lớn (Big Island), Đảo Bé (Small Island) and Hòn Mù Cu (Mù Cu Islet).

The Big Island, also known as Cù Lao Ré, hosts Lý Sơn’s centre, while Mù Cu Islet, the smallest of the three islands, is currently unpopulated.

Located 30km from the mainland, the island district is famous for growing garlic, as well as its growing reputation amongst tourists. Weather on the islands is generally cool and sunny year round.

With its striking geographical features and stunning landscapes, built from volcanic eruptions over millions of years, the Lý Sơn Island District could be considered Việt Nam’s equivalent of South Korea’s Jeju Island.

Volcanic eruptions have formed various beautiful features on the islands such as Hang Cau (Cau Cave), and the Thới Lới volcano mouth, which boasts a beautiful lake, and an aerial view of the entire island district.

Sa Kỳ Fishing Port is a must visit area with boats coming and going throughout the day from 4am. Tourists can buy various sea products from locals at cheap prices.

The most convenient mode of transport on the islands is by motorbike, a selection of which can be rented from VNĐ100,000-120,000 (US$4-5) per day. A night in a hotel here costs between VNĐ250,000-350,000 ($11-16) on average.

Security on the islands is taken seriously, and as a result motorbike theft is very rare. Locals require that drivers and passengers wear helmets at all times while on a motorbike.

It ought to be noted that the local dialect in Lý Sơn is rather unique, at times puzzling visitors from other regions of the country. — VNS


Delicious: Seafood at the night market by Sa Kỳ Port.
Aerial View: From a peak on the Small Island.
Landscapes: Tourists visit a geological formation on the Big Island.
Local Wares: Locals sell garlic at a tourist hub on the Big Island.
Picturesque: Boats at Sa Kỳ Port.
Weathered: Moss covers rocks at Sa Kỳ Port.
Hungry: Local style grilled sea fish.