Singer debuts as songwriter on her latest album

August 15, 2023 - 12:00
Hoàng Quyên, runner up in Việt Nam Idol 2012, has proved that she is not only a talented singer, but also a promising songwriter.

HÀ NỘI — Hoàng Quyên, runner up in Việt Nam Idol 2012, has proved that she is not only a talented singer, but also a promising songwriter.

Her latest album features tunes penned herself.

A Diary of Melody is her 4th album since she started her singing career after her success on Việt Nam Idol. All eight songs are all about love.

A copy of the album ‘A Diary of Melody’ by Hoàng Quyên seen at the exhibition Quyên Gallery at VCCA. — Photo courtesy of the singer

The songs were selected from a collection of more than 30 tunes that Quyên wrote in a short space of time. As a diary written by melodies, the album unveils Quyên’s viewpoint about love and life that has been accumulated by her own experience.

The album opens with the song The Square which is also her first composition.

“It was a rainy day when I had a walk around a square in my neighbourhood," Quyên said, recalling the moment when she got the inspiration for her debut song.

"The sad feeling of love like the rain that permeates the space and my soul, then the melody came up in my mind.”

The singer also shared that becoming a songwriter is something that she never thought she could do before.

“However, it also is a motivation urging me to do something that I’ve never done before, and I determined to do it successfully,” she said.

Singer Hoàng Quyên poses next to her portrait painting Nguyễn Trần Cường that has been depicted on the lacquer cover of her newest album ‘A Diary of Melody’. — Photo courtesy of the singer

Although Quyên has pursued mainly the pop genre, in her newest album, audience can enjoy the combination between pop and jazz, rock, and even a light touch of folk melodies that all create the freshness for her voice.

Her feminine and liberal voice has been highlighted specially when she had duet with singer Thanh Bùi and Hoàng Hiệp of the Pentatonic band in the songs Colours and Bốn Mùa Để Yêu (Four Seasons to Love), respectively.

Quyên also founded a new music band, The Circle, consisting leading musicians Lương Việt Tú (piano), San Trịnh (guitar), Phúc Minh Phạm (bass), and Lê Minh Hiếu (drums), to accompany her during three months when she recorded the album. The band also has implemented the orchestration for all the songs in the album.

In addition, to create the best music quality, the album has been mastering in the world class recording studio Abbey Road in London.

A limited number of only 100 versions of the lacquer-covered album A Diary of Melody has been released. Besides, the album also is available in digital music platform such as ZingMP3 and Spotify.

Together with the launch of the album, Quyên also has inaugurated the art exhibition Quyên Gallery at the Vincom Centre for Contemporary Art (VCCA).

Visitors look at the paintings displayed at the exhibition Quyên Gallery at VCCA. — Photo courtesy of the singer

Aiming to unveil her ambition of recreating her musical soul and art world, the exhibition presents her music video Xin Cho Hôm Nay Trôi Đi (Let Today Goes), the videos unveiling the recording process of album A Diary of Melody together with the steps how its lacquer cover was crafted.

The exhibition also introduces to her fans and any other art lovers nearly 40 paintings in different mediums such as silk, oil on canvas, and lacquer by noted artists Vũ Ðình Tuấn, Tào Linh, Nguyễn Trần Cường, Vũ Hiệp, and Nguyễn Mạnh Thắng.

Explained why she invited them to join the exhibition, Quyên said that they are the ones who have the same vibes with hers.

“There is an introspective connection between me and their artworks,” she said.

The free exhibition is open to public until September 4.

After the launch of the album, the singer-songwriter is now busy to prepare for a concert and a mini live tour promoting her album at the end of this year. — VNS