Composer, veteran singer touch thousands with Alzheimer’s song

March 10, 2022 - 09:30

A relative’s struggle with the condition has inspired the composition of a new, moving song about Alzheimer’s that pop star Cẩm Vân has lent her voice to.

Pop star Cẩm Vân sings Một Ngày Tôi Quên Hết (One Day I’ll Forget Everything) about Alzheimer’s disease. — Photo courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY — A relative’s struggle with the condition has inspired the composition of a new, moving song about Alzheimer’s that pop star Cẩm Vân has lent her voice to.

Một Ngày Tôi Quên Hết (One Day I’ll Forget Everything), written by young composer and music producer Hứa Kim Tuyền, deals with emotional dialogues between elderly people and their young relatives about Alzheimer’s disease.

“My inspiration for the song is my uncle who is suffering from Alzheimer’s,” Tuyền told local media, adding that he was honoured to have Vân to perform his song.

The song also features the voices of Tuyền and Cece Trương, Vân’s daughter, who appear alongside the pop star in the music video.

The 63-year-old singer expressed her gratitude to Tuyền for composing an emotional and meaningful song.

“When I watched the MV again, I found myself. The MV and its meaning moved me and the end made me cry.”

The MV has attracted nearly 850,000 views since it premiered on February 22.

It has been warmly welcomed by fans, with many saying they were moved to tears.

Trần Thị Hoa, a resident of Đồng Nai Province, said: “It’s a wonderful combination of two incredible artists. Cẩm Vân’s deep, slightly broken voice touches people’s hearts, while Tuyền never lets me down.

“I cried a lot when listening to the song. I missed my mom so much,” she said.

Cẩm Vân rose to fame in 1981 after performance of Bài Ca Không Quên (Unforgettable Song) by composer Phạm Minh Tuấn.

Other hits include Số Phận (Fate), Đêm Thành Phố Đầy Sao (City Night Filled With Stars), Rừng Chiều (Forest at Sunset) and Đất Nước (The Homeland).

In 1988, Cẩm Vân won the national pop contest with the song Ngôi Sao Cô Đơn (Lonely Star) composed by well-known musician Thanh Tùng.

She has won several awards at national music festivals and singing contests, and been invited to perform in many countries including France, Germany, Australia and the US.


Young composer and music producer Hứa Kim Tuyền (R), and singer Cẩm Vân and her daughter, singer Cece Trương. — Photo courtesy of the produce

“One Day I'll Forget Everything” is part of Tuyền’s music project called "Colours" that celebrates different facets of life, humanity and love.

It is a bridge connecting the elderly and younger generations so they can share their stories with each other. The elderly can express their feelings and problems to their young relatives, and the younger generation can sympathise with and care more for their elders, Tuyền said.

The song about Alzhemier’s is the fourth song of the project, signifying the colour brown, which includes music videos with melodies combining traditional Vietnamese music and pop music.

The first song, Nếu Một Mai Tôi Bay Lên Trời (If I Fly to Heaven One Day), is about child patients who suffer from congenital heart diseases. It aims to encourage people to live optimistically and treasure their lives.

Ước Mơ Của Mẹ (Mother’s Dream) is about the mother’s dedication to her children.

American Dream deals with the feelings of overseas Vietnamese.

The songs are sung by young singers popular among the youth, like Trúc Nhân, Văn Mai Hương, and Hoàng Dũng. — VNS