Locals in Bình Thuận share love and hardship with expatriates

August, 21/2021 - 10:00

Foreigners who are living within blockade area in Phan Thiết City in the central province of Bình Thuận have received support from local authorities via the Sharing Our Love with Foreigners programme.


Members of Bình Thuận Provincial Youth Union unloads food items before distributing them to foreigners living in blockade area in Phan Thiết City. — Photo binhthuan.gov.vn

BÌNH THUẬN — Foreigners who are living within blockaded areas in Phan Thiết City in the central province of Bình Thuận have received support from local authorities via the Sharing Our Love with Foreigners programme.

The programme, launched and implemented by the Provincial Youth Union, presented gifts and money to 36 foreigners who have lost their jobs or been living in difficulties due to the effects of the pandemic.

Help was given to those living in Alley 69, Quarter 1, Hàm Tiến Ward in Phan Thiết City.

Each of them received a set of gifts including money, food and other necessities such as eggs, sausages, canned meat, bread and dumplings. The value of each set is VNĐ1 million (US$44).

Many foreigners living the in blockaded area in Phan Thiết City express their happiness on receiving gifts from the local authorities. — VNA/VNS Photo Nguyễn Thanh

According to Acting Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union Lâm Hồng Tuyên, the pandemic has caused hardship to local-based foreigners, many of whom have lost their jobs while still having to manage daily living expenses.

“The monetary value of the gifts might not be high, but it contains the affection and support of Bình Thuận people to the foreigners with the hope that they will have more strength and encouragement to get over this difficult time,” he said.

Each of expatriates in Phan Thiết City is supported with money, food and other necessities such as eggs, sausages, canned meat, bread and dumplings, each of which is worth VNĐ1 million (US$44). — VNA/VNS Photo Nguyễn Thanh

After 17 people in a family and three foreigners were infected with COVID-19, the entire Alley 69, Quarter 1 with over 70 households and more than 300 people was closed on August 2.

Among them are 52 foreigners from different countries like Russia, Ukraine and the Philippines. They work as English teachers, windsurfing instructors, kitchen assistants, or waiters have been stuck in the city for two years due to the pandemic. They have faced more difficulties as they are unable to go out due to social-distancing measures.

Sharing Our Love with Foreigners programme, launched by Bình Thuận Provincial Youth Union, aims to support local-based foreigners who have been facing difficulties caused by the pandemic. — VNA/VNS Photo Nguyễn Thanh

To support the lives of both locals and foreigners in the area, Bình Thuận Province's authorities and many state and charity organisations have regularly provided them with food and other necessities.

Ekaterina Leusova from Russia who is living in the alley, said: “We have received much concern from local authorities both physically and mentally while our residential area is being blockaded to prevent the spread of the virus. Every day, we also have our temperature checked and take COVID-19 rapid test, which is done by medical workers.” 

Trương Minh Quang, deputy secretary of Bình Thuận Provincial Youth Union, prepares vegetables for foreigners living the blockaded area in Phan Thiết City. — Photo binhthuan.dcs.vn

As for Cheshov Evgenii, these days living in the blockage have become his unforgettable memories.

“I wish to express thanks to everyone for always being concerned about us," he said. "I know that this is also a difficult time for every Vietnamese due to the pandemic, but everyone is still willing to support us." — VNS