The oldest performing art is alive and kicking in the capital

Poetry is the oldest form of literature, but, long before pen touched page, audiences have been enthralled by spoken word performances. Thanks to Waifs and Strays, Hà Nội's premier spoken word night, the world’s oldest performing art is truly alive and kicking in the capital. 

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There’s something very special, and uniquely Vietnamese, about Tết atmosphere: Australian Ambassador

As the Tết (Lunar New Year) Festival – the biggest and longest festival of the Vietnamese people – is approaching, Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Robyn Mudie shared with the Vietnam News Agency’s reporter about her feeling about Tết and the outcomes of cooperation between the two countries in the recent past as well as prospects of the relationship in the near future. 

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Enjoying happiness and safety in Việt Nam

Anyone following her Instagram account can see beautiful landscapes throughout Việt Nam, while clips on her TikTok page are funny, with the young woman sharing her feelings and incidents when trying to speak Vietnamese.

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Ugandan dancer brings African cuisine to Việt Nam

In Uganda, egg-chapati is also known as Rolex, making many people mistakenly think this dish is related to the famous Swiss watch brand. In fact, this name comes from the strong pronunciation of the word 'rolled egg' by the locals, causing diners to mishear it as 'rolex'. The misinterpretation has stuck.

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Christmas in Việt Nam - an expat insight

Christmas is a holiday celebrated by people all over the world, and the expat community in Việt Nam is no exception. However, while most people spend the holiday with friends and family, for those in Việt Nam, that isn’t an option this year. 

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The past and the present: expats in Ba Vì

Like Tam Đảo and Đà Lạt, Ba Vì was chosen for its mountain climate as the site for colonial villas and retreats for French officials. However, in comparison to some of the stunning examples of colonial architecture still visible in Hà Nội today, those in Ba Vì are dilapidated and lie in ruins, hidden away in the forest that is trying to reclaim them.