AEON Vietnam honoured among Top 3 Sustainable Development Businesses in VN

December 15, 2023 - 15:57
AEON Vietnam was honoured in the Top 3 "Sustainable Businesses in Việt Nam" in the trade and service sector at a ceremony on December 13.
The General Director of AEON Vietnam receives the Top 3 sustainable enterprise award in the trade and service sector. — Photo courtesy of AEON Vietnam

HÀ NỘI — AEON Vietnam was honoured in the Top 3 "Sustainable Businesses in Việt Nam" in the trade and service sector at a ceremony on December 13.

The Sustainable Businesses in Việt Nam (CSI 100), organised by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development, is an annual prestigious award to honour sustainable enterprises in Việt Nam.

The award not only recognises the Japanese retailer's efforts in accompanying the government and stakeholders, contributing to Việt Nam's sustainable development goals but also proves the company's commitment to responsible and harmonious business across three aspects: economy, society and environment.

In 2023, participating enterprises were scored based on a set of criteria for assessing the level of sustainable development of enterprises with 130 indicators, which were comprehensively reformed by the expert council in terms of structure, including aspects of economic efficiency, corporate governance, environment, labour and social.

In its first participation in CSI 100, AEON Vietnam excellently met the criteria and was honoured to be in third place, being the only foreign-invested retail enterprise in the top 10 sustainable development enterprises in the trade–service industry. The retailer from Japan was highly evaluated in groups of indicators about structure, governance, environment, labour and society.

Mr. Furusawa Yasuyuki – General Director of AEON Vietnam said: “AEON Vietnam not only focuses on business expansion plans but also desires to develop alongside Vietnamese society. We have been and will continue to accelerate sustainable development activities and strive to enhance coordination with stakeholders in building an effective and socially valuable sustainable business model.”

Promoting comprehensively sustainable development, originating from strategy

In AEON Group's medium-term vision, Việt Nam is the second key market after Japan. Along with the expansion investment plan, the "Sustainable Development Strategy" is one of the key focuses. In Việt Nam, AEON Vietnam identifies the "Sustainable Development Strategy" as one of the goals closely associated with the company's business operations.

AEON Vietnam has implemented numerous sustainable activities regarding the environment, including the planting of more than 100,000 trees nationwide. — Photo courtesy of AEON Vietnam

Throughout more than 10 years in Việt Nam, through implementing a variety of initiatives based on three pillars: economy, environment and society, AEON Vietnam aims to contribute to Việt Nam's sustainable economic growth while reducing the business's environmental impact locally and promoting diversity - equity – inclusion in society.

Cooperation for sustainable development

With the environmental pillar, AEON Vietnam's key goal is to minimise the impact of business activities on the environment in a circular economic model and contribute to the conservation of local biodiversity.

Known not just for specific environmental initiatives, AEON Vietnam's shopping centres have also been recognised with awards for efficient energy use by various departments and agencies. Additionally, AEON Vietnam is acknowledged as a "Business Partner for Sustainable Development" alongside the Đầu tư (Investment) Newspaper.

As a retailer, serving as a bridge between manufacturers and consumers, AEON Vietnam aims to build an ecosystem through each newly opened shopping centre, providing value to local suppliers, manufacturers, lease partners, AEON employees and those of the lease partners. This contributes to the economic development of the local community, fostering overall prosperity for all involved.

In its social pillar, the company aims to contribute to diversity and inclusion, promoting a healthy lifestyle and developing the younger generation to create positive changes in society.

From its strategy to build a working environment, the retailer from Japan is committed to providing a workplace where all Vietnamese employees have the opportunity for comprehensive development. This is based on the motto “Nourish to Flourish" across three aspects: sustainable personal development, sustainable work culture and sustainable business.

In 2023, AEON Vietnam was also honoured in the "Top 1 Best Places to Work in Việt Nam in the Retail Sector" and ranked 13th in the Top 100, also being the only retailer to win the "Best Workplace in Asia" award for five consecutive years.

Through these specific efforts, AEON Vietnam has shown its commitment to collaborate with the government, customers, and partners to create shared values, enhancing connections between individuals and society across three aspects: Environment, Society and Economy. Thus, every purchase by customers at AEON Vietnam is not merely a shopping transaction, but "Every Purchase Counts," indirectly creating positive impacts and contributing to Vietnam's sustainable development in the future. — VNS