Ministry of Transport calls for stronger oversight on construction projects

February 15, 2023 - 08:55
The directive highlights the need for closer attention to the quality and efficiency of such projects, particularly expressway projects.
Illustration photo. Several limitations still exist in projects' land clearance work, source of raw materials, rating system and progress. — Photo

HÀ NỘI — The Ministry of Transport has released a written directive urging local Departments of Transport, the Airports Corporation of Việt Nam, and the Việt Nam Expressway Corporation to enhance their management, inspection, and supervision of construction investment projects.

The directive highlights the need for closer attention to the quality and efficiency of such projects, particularly expressway projects.

Although the Ministry acknowledges the dedicated efforts of its agencies and units to ensure the success of previous construction investment projects, including the expressway projects, it notes that challenges persist in areas such as land clearance, sourcing of raw materials, rating systems, and progress.

The Ministry of Transport proposed agencies and units to manage and implement projects in absolute compliance with the provisions of the law on construction investment.

They must strictly implement the directives of the Minister of Transport related to quality management, construction progress, discipline and responsibility in investment management and construction of transport infrastructure.

The Ministry of Transport requires investors and project management boards to comply with the law's provisions in selecting contractors.

They must strictly comply with regulations on the preparation, negotiation and signing of contracts, ensuring strict, complete and clear provisions on rights and responsibilities of related parties, especially content of price adjustment.

To strengthen the management of contractor selection, the Ministry of Transport also assigned the Transport Construction Investment Management Authority to assume the prime responsibility for working with the Public Procurement Agency of the Ministry of Planning and Investment to clarify the bases and regulations related to acts of illegal transfer of contractors (if necessary) as a basis for inspection and supervision.

The Ministry of Transport wants investors and project managers to work closely with local authorities on site clearance and licensing procedures. They must follow the law, increase mining capacity, and review material plans for construction.

In the process of management and supervision, contractors are forbidden from using materials of unknown origin or quality for project construction.

The ministry also requires the advance and payment of main contractors to subcontractors be timely and follow regulations to ensure the progress and quality of the project. — VNS