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Bamboo Airways welcomes first Airbus A320neo aircraft in “Fly Green” livery

Update: November, 04/2019 - 14:00

HÀ NỘI — Bamboo Airways on Sunday welcomed the first Airbus A320neo No VN-A596. The aircraft has the words "Fly Green" inscribed on its body, carrying a meaningful message about the environment.

Welcome Ceremony of Bamboo Airways’ new Airbus A320neo

Impressive appearance

Bamboo Airways on Sunday at Noi Bai International Airport welcomed the first modern Airbus A320neo aircraft to its fleet. This is the first aircraft in the purchase order that Bamboo Airways and Airbus signed in 2018, and also Việt Nam’s first Airbus A320neo.

Water salute to welcome Bamboo Airways’ Airbus A320neo

The aircraft's exterior design originates from the name “Bamboo Airways”.

The image of a bamboo forest shows simplicity and intimacy, as well as vitality and toughness. The colours used are similar to those of Bamboo Airways’ logo, giving it a youthful and harmonious look.The words “Fly Green”, which bears the key message of the design, reminds people of the role of the Airbus A320neo aircraft in marking the beginning of the airline's Fly Green campaign.

Modern cabin design

Inheriting advanced features from the A320 family, the Airbus A320neo version is equipped with the new Leap-1A engine from CFM, allowing the aircraft to reduce up to 15 per cent of fuel consumption.

Modern cabin of Bamboo Airways’ Airbus A320neo

The Airbus A320neo cabin is 27.51 metres in length and 3.70 metres in width, allowing the maximum configuration of 194 seats. In addition, Bamboo Airways continues to increase passenger cabin comfort by reducing the number of seats to 170, maximising legroom, seating and reclining space and widening the aisle in the cabin. The seats are manufactured by Recaro, a well-known aircraft manufacturer from Germany.

Bamboo Airways’ Airbus A320neo is also equipped with Panasonic's wifi system, allowing customers to access the infotainment system, enjoy their flying experience with Bamboo Airways.

100 per cent “green” flights 

Bamboo Airways' new Airbus A320neo is the first "ambassador" to bear a meaningful message about the environment, demonstrating Bamboo Airways' strong “green” spirit from the appearance of the aircraft. Following the success of the first trial green flights in June 2019, the Airline will accelerate its Fly Green campaign on all flights from November 2019, restricting the use of single-use plastic by the use of environmentally friendly materials which are recyclable or biodegradable.

Fly Green campaign of Bamboo Airways

With advanced features to help reduce fuel consumption of the Airbus A320neo aircraft, Bamboo Airways hopes to become one of the pioneer airlines in Viet Nam showing great determination to reduce plastic waste and air pollution, thereby strongly inspiring organisations and individuals to protect the environment by changing their smallest habits.

Customers are given "Bamboo baby” on Bamboo Airways’ special flight.Expanding fleet and flight network

Earlier, on October 22, Bamboo Airways officially received two Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft from GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS). Accordingly, Bamboo Airways has become the first private airline in Việt Nam to operate wide-body aircraft.

“Bamboo Airways has been continuously expanding its fleet with various models of modern aircraft, affirming its financial capacity, improving its competitiveness, demonstrating its orientation in exploiting domestic and international routes as well as providing passengers with 5-star service. Especially, the upgrade and expansion of Bamboo Airways’ fleet also has helped the airline complete its mission of connecting provinces and cities across Viet Nam, and connecting Viet Nam with the world, contributing to promoting tourism development, enhancing global economic and cultural exchanges,” said Bùi Quang Dũng, Deputy General Director of Bamboo Airways.

From the end of 2019, the airline's fleet will reach 30 aircraft, which is planned to grow to 100 by 2024, including modern Airbus A321neo, A320neo and Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

The airline is currently operating 28 domestic and international routes to Japan, South Korea and China (including Macao and Taiwan), planning to expand the network of routes to 37-40 in 2019.

Bamboo Airways has carried out more than 14,000 absolutely safe flights, serving customers with 5-star-oriented service, with an average load factor of 90 per cent, the OTP rate of 93.9 per cent, the highest in the entire aviation industry of Việt Nam from January 2019.

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