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Over thousands of years, marble has attained a unique position in architecture and is associated with the development of many civilizations. Prized for its timeless beauty, style and elegance, this natural material has graced the palaces of kings and queens for centuries, as well as residences of the rich, politicians and celebrities around the world, making it a luxurious option for interiors.

Where elegance meets utility

Throughout history, marble has brought a sense of elegance and nobility. A type of stone formed by the recrystallisation of carbonate sedimentary rocks such as limestone, and dolomite,  marble offers luxurious beauty and the stunning reflection of light. Besides the uniqueness of the patterns and the variety of colours, marble is also known for its time-tested durability, fire resistance and superior waterproofing.

A residential development in District 1, HCMC – The impressive lobby of The Marq laid with majestic solid onyx marble that creates a gentle, relaxed feeling.

In a stunning space, the subtle sheen of marble evokes an air of elegance that can add a timeless ambiance that soapstone, granite and man-made materials simply can’t compete with. Formed by nature and determined by the geology of the area, the aesthetics of marble do not follow predetermined templates or patterns, and its uniqueness is highly prized by those seeking authenticity. Because of its light-reflecting properties, marble offers a timeless charm with feeling of spaciousness and also makes rooms appear brighter, whether an elegant living room, comfortable bedroom or private bathroom. Moreover, marble is known to be an excellent insulator that stays relatively cool even under direct sunlight during hot and dry seasons while retaining warmth during the rainy season, allowing you to save on climate control costs. As a natural stone, it is highly resistant to cracks and scratches, which is the secret of its timelessness.

The Marq is writing an epic about a marble living space

In Vietnam, an epic about this luxurious material is being written in the living spaces of The Marq, the luxury apartment project developed by Hongkong Land and An Khang at the centre of District 1. At The Marq, whether it’s the elegant lobby with its majestic solid onyx marble creating a gentle, relaxed feeling or a spacious living room with a stunning view, marble gives a finished glow that illuminates the space and makes it more inviting. With a sophisticated colour palette, expertly refined by nature, marble shows an intricate relationship between soft white, deep charcoal and hints of warm yellow and grey provides a gorgeous aesthetic and a timeless elegance.

The abundant light in the living room enhances the delicate features of the marble, adding to the natural feel of this room in which the floor captures your attention.

Here, whether it is the moment you step into the lobby, the moment you gather relatives in a cozy kitchen space, enjoy a glass of premium wine in the living room and look over the sparkling city through a large window or relax in the bathtub to enjoy private moments after a busy day, you will have the feeling that behind the flat, cool and mineralized surface of the marble on the kitchen counter, the bathroom floor or wall, the living and dining room floor, there is an ancient whisper telling you a story through space, time and geological ages.

The epic tale told by this natural material will create for you a wonderful experience, an understanding that the essence of rocky mountains, sea and land is in harmony with the wisdom and talent of architects and designers who have created an ideal space called The Marq for those seeking the true meaning of life.

Developed by Hongkong Land and An Khang, The Marq is a luxury residential high-rise building, located in the heart of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. This development will provide 515 opulent residences comprising one-four bedroom condominiums offering stunning views of Ho Chi Minh City and a true luxury lifestyle for discerning investors. 

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