Sun Group record a "double" win at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2021

December, 02/2021 - 19:00

With resilience, flexible management and meaningful work for the community during two difficult years under the adverse impact of the pandemic, Sun Group emerged as a winner in the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2021 Regional Edition under both Inspirational Brand and Corporate Excellence Categories.

A bird view of Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh.

With resilience, flexible management and meaningful work for the community during two difficult years under the adverse impact of the pandemic, Sun Group emerged as a winner in the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2021 Regional Edition under both Inspirational Brand and Corporate Excellence Categories.

On the evening of November 30, 2021, the Organizing Committee of the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2021 (APEA 2021) held the official online winners announcement in different categories of APEA 2021 Regional Edition.

Successfully passing three rounds of evaluation and voting from experts and the evaluation board of Enterprise Asia from Singapore, Sun Group has excelled to win the "double" titles for the first time, namely Corporate Excellence and Inspirational Brand at the Regional Edition.

This is a proud turning point of Sun Group as out of thousands of businesses in 23 fields from 16 participating countries, few have won the two awards at the same time.

Launched in 2007 by Enterprise Asia - a leading NGO, the prestigious Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) recognizes entrepreneurial excellence across Asia with continuous innovation, fair practices and growth in entrepreneurship in addition to promoting social responsibility based on rigorous criteria along with independent assessments and surveys of businesses. 

Enterprise Asia Chairman and Head of the Organizing Committee of APEA 2021 Dr. Fong Chan Onn said: “We are extremely impressed with the achievements and meaningful work by Sun Group during the past two years with great difficulty and adverse impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy and tourism businesses."

"However, Sun Group has 'turned risks into opportunities', transformed itself to flexibly adapt to the new normal state with a humane personnel policy, and at the same time constantly joined hands with the whole country in the fight against the pandemic. All of these helped Sun Group spread good and inspirational values in the community and deserve to be honored.”

The latest survey by Private Sector Development Research Board (Board IV) of the Government’s Advisory Council for Administrative Procedure Reform and VnExpress revealed that during the past two years, the pandemic has caused 96 per cent of tourism businesses to cease or suspend operations and only 4 percent to maintain business operations.

However Sun Group, which is mainly involved in tourism, resort and entertainment, still showed resilience and persistence will to "weather the storm” while making spectacular impressions despite the unpredictable developments of the pandemic.

Despite the fact that many businesses were forced to carry out staff cuts and salary reductions to maintain operations, Sun Group made a great impression with many extremely humane policies such as maintaining stable salary and bonus policy, and flexible working plans to best take care of the life and health of its employees and their loved ones, thereby preserving maximum quality human resources to prepare for the recovery and breakthrough period.

Sun Group took advantage of social distancing to maintain and renew tourism products and services throughout its hotel and resort system, and Sun World amusement parks, invested in digital transformation and standardized the management and business operation system to improve work efficiency, service quality and customer experience.

Additionally, Sun Group showed its bravery by pioneering in building products and services that led new trends in the field of tourism, resort and real estate.

Typical examples include its projects in health care resorts (Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh) and health care real estate (wellness, wellness second-home), and island urban projects. 

Sun Tropical Village project, South Phu Quoc.

High-class real estate projects by Sun Property (a member of Sun Group) are continuously launched into the market through well-organized online product introduction and promotion shows, attracting special attention of customers.

This is why the Group's real estate segment set many remarkable records during the pandemic. A total of 97% of the Sun Grand Boulevard shop-houses in Sam Son (Thanh Hoa Province) were sold only one month after the official launch, and 1,500 apartments in Sun Marina Town (Ha Long) were also "sold out" immediately after the official launch, while 100% of villas in the first phase of Sun Tropical Village project (South Phu Quoc) were deposited only 1 day after its introduction to loyal customers.

Despite suffering heavy damage due to the pandemic, Sun Group still showed the spirit of patriotism, mutual love and sharing with people through campaigns to ceaselessly join hands with the Government and localities to fight the pandemic.

These activities included cash donations, direct participation in the construction of field hospitals, construction and installation of Intensive Care Centers, donations to government vaccine funds and local vaccine funds, and buying medical equipment for hospitals in many provinces and cities.

The journey not only gives the Group's employees great pride when joining hands with the country to fight the pandemic but also spreads the spirit of dedication in the community, bringing joy and peace to people across the country.

Despite not achieving impressive growth figures in revenue during the pandemic, Sun Group's efforts and contributions have been recognized by many prestigious domestic and international awards such as: Top 10 excellent brands at the Vietnam Top Strong Brands Award 2020-2021 by Vietnam Economic Magazine; Best Workplaces in Asia 2021; and the "Effective improvisation in a changing environment" category in the Vietnam HR Awards 2020.

And with the first winning of "double" awards under Corporate Excellence and Inspirational Brand categories in APEA 2021, the country's leading corporation in the field of resort and entertainment, and high-end real estate continues its pioneering spirit with strategies in an ever-changing business environment.