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A twist in the tale

Update: December, 04/2018 - 10:00

Airport unmasked

Preparation makes for perfection but sometimes imperfection can save hundreds of people.

Ngô Lương C, 35, from the Central Highland province of Đắk Lắk, was caught red-handed by Đà Nẵng Airport Security Force when trying to stick his own photo on another’s person’s ID card, right at the airport.

C was then banned from flying for six months and was fined VNĐ7.5 million.

Civil Aviation Authority of Việt Nam said that faking identity papers usually happened at the time carriers offer promotions.

Some people book cheap flight tickets, which do not allow changing passengers’ names, but cannot go and pass them to others.

Most of passengers who fake their papers to get on aircrafts do not know about the risk they may pose to themselves and others.

And it’s also an alert for authorities to accelerate the switch to new plastic ID cards, not those “ancient” paper cards laminated with plastic foil anymore.

Smart encounter

Guess what is be the scariest super power to most Vietnamese people?

It should be preventing them from starting their beloved motorbikes, especially in a rush.

Many eager riders in Mỹ Tho City, the Mekong Delta province of Tiền Giang, might find it crazy to be unable to start their scooters on Lý Thường Kiệt Street.

Even using smart keys, they still experienced a sense of impotence. Strange enough, their motorbikes could only start when being taken some 50m away.

The culprit finally showed up!

A wireless security camera of a nearby shop was responsible for this unforgivable crime. Since it was operated on the same radio frequency as one type of motorbikes’ smart keys, the camera caused interference and disable motorbikes from receiving signals to start.

The provincial Department of Information and Communications asked the shop owner to change to another camera. They also tried to find the origin of this wireless camera to prevent this situation from happening again.

The authority of radio frequency management also issued mechanism to fine enterprises which use radio frequencies without permit.

At least, Tiền Giang’s riders would not need to worry anymore about a super power attempting to take their beloved motorbikes away.

Early bird catches a worm?

A massive crowd of people waiting at two in the morning, you may find the scene familiar.

Will Việt Nam football team play a match this week? Has Apple released a new iPhone today? Is today Black Friday? You may ask.

No. None of the above.

It was only the last day to register for the last TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) before the examination’s format changed.

Rumors say the new format would be more challenging, more demanding so it should be better to take a slot in the test to secure a dream score, some students may think.

Thái Lộc, HCM City Banking University, had an unforgettable time stuck in the crazy crowd, trying to take a slot in the next text.

“I arrived at the test centre in HCM City at 4am but only got into the building at 7am. They gave me an appointment card and asked to come back for registration next week,” he said.

Although IIG assured people the test’s difficulty would remain the same, by changing the format, they revealed a loophole of Vietnamese students.

Maybe TOIEC is just a requirement for them to graduate; English is an essential skill for their career.

Studying hard, sleeping right and waking up fresh will bring success, in not only the test but life. — VNS


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